Business development professionals should be alert, active, and presentable while interacting with clients and networking. They should have a corporate image with good grooming, look fresh, and have an enthusiastic attitude towards their clients round-the-clock. The demands of the job are high, so if you are in the field of business development, you must pay attention to health and fitness to perform well on the job.

Sharon Deflorio business development professionals should be alert and adaptable to change

Sharon Deflorio is an esteemed business development specialist known for her expertise in generating qualified leads, boosting revenues, and establishing solid relationships with clients. She has impressive track records regarding exceeding corporate performance metrics and bringing in more lead conversions for the companies she has worked with.


Previously, she served Xerox, Terek Corporation, and Sonnenschein Nath and Rosenthal in New York as a successful corporate paralegal. According to her, if you wish to excel as a business development professional, you must take care of your physical and mental health. If you have not worked out or exercised before, it is never too late for you to start.

Fitness goals should be realistic

As you are a busy professional with work stress and responsibilities, you must set realistic fitness goals. These goals should be placed as per your capacity. For example, she is a multi-sport athlete who engages in half marathons, tennis, swimming, and cycling. So, she stays fit with sports because she enjoys it. Likewise, if you wish to start your fitness journey, pursue something you like to stay active and burn calories. You do not need to take a gym membership for the task. Choose any activity you want, for instance running, jogging, Pilates, yoga, etc., to stay active. With daily practice, you will see positive changes in your body.

Mental health is essential as well

Simply taking care of your body is not enough in the post-pandemic period; you should also look after your mental health. The cases of stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues are increasing with every passing day due to the threats of the virus and uncertainties in life. Pessimism, fear, and negative thought patterns that can cloud your judgment are kept away if you meditate for some minutes daily. As a working professional, meditation or even pursuing an interest or a hobby helps you train the mind to enjoy something you like. This way, you can switch yourself off from the outside world and rejuvenate.

According to Sharon Deflorio, business development professionals are always on their toes and must be mentally agile, creative, and flexible. Besides exercise, they need to eat healthily, stay hydrated, and get sufficient rest and sleep. Though the profession is stressful and highly demanding most of the time, you must identify burnout and stop to take a break. You can use that break to rest or rejuvenate yourself to bounce back better and not fall prey to any illness or negative thoughts due to overburdening yourself with work.