Have you been wanting to create and sell online courses as well? This is a great time to begin. The 2020 crisis has given a boom to the online learning industry. More and more people have stayed at home and switched to the online methods of learning. Hence, if you are planning on launching your online course as well, this article will get you some clarity on how to begin.

Is Online Teaching Profitable?

There is so much hype going on around online courses. If you have confusion on how profitable it would be, then let me tell you about it.

Is teaching online profitable?

I bet it is!

You should right away start teaching online or begin to sell your online courses. I have something that you should definitely know about.

As per a published report, the online education market in India is expected to grow by $14.33 Billion by 2024. Many industry experts have attributed this massive growth in the E-learning industry to the fact that the number of smartphone & internet users has grown massively too.

Decide on what course to sell online in India:

    • Depending on how skilled you are at a certain topic, you can create an online course. Once you have identified one or the combination of the following: it would be easier for you.
  1. a) Knowledge of a subject.
  2. b) A hobby you can be paid for.
  3. c) A personal transformation.
  4. d) Things you are really good at.
  • After the first step, write down at least 10-15 topic ideas & begin researching. Find out what is already there in the market on your selected topics. It will help you in finding out what to do/not to do.
  • Now narrow down your topics. Next up, float your ideas to potential students & course takers on social media. Find forums where people usually discuss these topics. You can go one step ahead and create a form to take a survey from interested learners.
  • Finally, zero down on one topic.

Some points to keep in mind:

Once you are sure of a profitable course idea, decide on the format of your course. A great content format will have a content mix of various forms of content like video, text, audio etc.

People do like to take courses that provoke them to take actions, which in turn, give them the results. Make sure your course content gives them maximum value for their time, as well as, money. Prepare a course content which is easy to understand. Keep in mind that you have to craft a course which is irresistible for your learners.

Gamify your content. If you are using course platforms like Spayee, you can add quizzes, pre-recorded videos, audio, assignments, Q&A. Keep a course completion certificate by the end of the course.

Top 3 platforms to sell online courses in India

Now that your course creation part is ready, you need to look at a right course hosting platform.  There are many online paid platforms which you can use to sell your online courses.

  1. Spayee

This is an online course platform, most suitable for Indian course creators. It is built for educators who want to create white labelled online course websites & mobile apps. It is a comprehensive online course platform with flexible customisation plans. It helps you to:

  • Host your pre-recorded video lectures.
  • Conduct Live Classes, Q&A, Quizzes, PDFs, & Live Tests, as well as to submit assignments.
  • Collect students’ data, dashboard, and course completions rates.
  • Indian Payment Gateway.
  • In-built marketing tools.
  • Engagement tools.

You just need an email id to sign up on the platform.

  1. WordPress LMS

When you have your own website, you can install wordpress plugins to turn it into an LMS. However for greater customisation and flexibility, it won’t be the best option. Nothing actually beats the ease of using an online course platform to host your online courses.

There would be more tech involvement & efforts needed from your side to manage a course website. You can pass all that stress when you choose an online course platform. However, if you choose to go with wordpress LMS, LearnDash would be a considerable option.

The price of a wordpress plugin begins at around ₹1800 per month. Some are having the free versions too.

  1. YouTube or Zoom

This is an unconventional yet cheaper way to sell your online courses on. In order to teach a LIVE class, you can use Zoom or Google Meets to host your live classes. You can also connect Zoom with your online course platform & host your lectures there. Like Zoom, YouTube has a private link option too. Only specific users with the link will be able to watch your content.

For payment gateway, you can use Instamojo and collect the payments. Alternative is to integrate it with an online course platform which already has a payment gateway.  If you have an offline business model that you are trying to eventually move online, you can try from here. Just create a landing page & sell your online zoom classes directly.

Pricing your online courses

Quoting a price to your online course is a tricky process. People would pay for it if they find value in it. You can look at the pricing structure of your competitors and find something which would justify your credibility, experience & course value. LMS like Spayee already have a support of choosing multi variant course validity & pricing. The #1 choice of top industry leaders, course creators, major institutes & training organizations in India for creating (and selling) their online courses.

Bottom line

As you can see, there are many ways to market your online course and make it a success. There is no right or wrong way to go about it. The most important thing is keep testing multiple things. See what’s working for you and what extra changes do you need to do. Make it a point to connect with your audience and figure out what exactly their pain points are. Once you know it through and through, market your course around it.