Who doesn’t love space, comfort, and peace at home? Many people choose to live in serviced apartments due to stylish furnishings, flexible short term leases, and various amenities available to tenants. But if you’re relocating to Hong Kong for the first time, which serviced apartment should you choose to become your home sweet home?

Used to be deemed the higher end/ex-pat options in the earlier days, serviced apartments are more affordable nowadays with options for different price points in the market. Serviced apartments usually come with regular cleaning services, fully furnished, and with additional facilities & perks here and there, with the premium that you are paying for the convenience.

Selecting the best Apartment

  • Comfortable Apartments: Hotels are great for a night or two but after a while, it’s natural to miss the creature comforts that make us feel at home. Whether you are traveling for business and need temporary lodgings for an extended period, or you are in the middle of negotiating your new home and also assisting you in finding the right place to stay. The luxury service apartment hk offers you the chance to be comfortable while housed in a temporary location. By understanding that time is precious for many corporates. The busy businessman or businesswoman doesn’t have time to search for the extensive list of available temporary accommodation in Hong Kong.

luxury service apartment

  • Pet-friendly Apartments: In general, Hong Kong, with its conglomeration of high-rise residences and heavily trafficked streets, is not the most pet-friendly city in the world. Yet if you are moving to Hong Kong with pets, there are many places where cats and dogs are welcome. Some neighborhoods are better suited to cater for your furry friends and are therefore more likely to rent properties that allow pets. Some pet-friendly neighborhoods are more expensive to rent and are suitable for renters with a larger budget, while some older homes are cheaper but less suitable for all families. Therefore, the search for pet-friendly apartments may take some time, but you will find one eventually.

The best assistance will help you

The knowledgeable team will short-list the best-suited accommodation for your needs. Your temporary housing will be organized by the best consultants, ensuring you enjoy a seamless transition into Hong Kong. They will assist with finding suitable short-term housing, ranging from one week to several months. They know all the apartments available in the city and can arrange bookings to cover you while you’re looking for a more permanent abode. Listening to your requirements and deliver accommodation that is not only suitable but luxurious. There is no need to compromise on comfort when residing in temporary lodgings. No stone is left unturned through our comprehensive search of all hotels and luxury service apartment hk. The approach is designed to ensure your happiness and productivity are not hampered by a painful accommodation search. We value your time and comfort and endeavor to ensure that your needs are met with suitable short-term lodgings. Enjoy your stay in one of our lavish accommodation solutions. For more information click here on this link https://www.apartmento.hk/pet-friendly-apartment.