Nature of Immigration

Immigration is an act of people moving from one country to another country that is not their native to stay permanently. Political, social, economic, and environmental factors are the reasons that drive people to migrate from one country to another country to make their living in a betterment way.Beyond this due to some of the personal reasons people are migrating to another country from their native. Culture, Family reunification, or the attraction over the respective country makes the people stay there for the rest of life. This immigration should be legal. Then only they can avail themselves of the facility offered by the respective country authority. If it is legal and if the person migrated satisfied all the conditions prescribed then they may get permanent citizenship. Illegal immigration is punishable in all countries.

Santander: The Old Town

Santander is a historical tourist place on the north coast of Spain. Its economy depends on service-oriented. It is one of the attractive port sites in Spain where people may show interest to migrate.

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Duties of an Immigration Lawyer in Santander

The immigration lawyer will help a person or a group of people to migrate to the respective country legally with satisfying immigration law. They may indicate their client in the respective administrative office to make sure their immigration is legal. The immigration lawyer provides instructions and counsels them about the rights that are related to immigrants. Providing knowledge on immigration law to their clients is the most important duty of the lawyer. Specifically, the duty of the immigration lawyer in Santander (abogado extranjeria santander) is to acquire the Spanish nationality or residence permits which may be the client’s desire towards the immigration. Also, they help to review all the required documents and communication responses related to that. Preparing and documenting the required administrative needs, Providing advice and procedures to the traders, and getting residence permits are the few duties the immigration lawyer in Santander will do for their clients. They may be dedicated to immigration services and governmental services. An immigration lawyer is answerable to sort out all the issues on permits and visas for individuals as well as groups of people. They may deliver the service either on a contract basis as an individual or through the firm as an employee to make sure that the client’s immigration is legal through the completion of all the required procedures.