Do people find your website boring?

No worries! Sites by Design is here to help you. People often ask, “How can you face the problem if the problem is your face?” Well the answer is so simple. Any ideas?  Yes! That is correct. Ask for help.

The same with web design, since the web design is the face of your business. It serves as the storefront or the first contact point of your website. If it makes a bad impression, then it will lead to a possible loss of clients. But make a good impression, and it will lead to a gain of clients.

If you are having a difficult time in conceptualizing and planning for your web design, then ask for help.

Investing in Web Design Company

While people are greatly relying on the internet nowadays, the demand for online businesses that offers services and products are growing with it – making the competition tighter. To those who have been in the online business industry will need to innovate their web design, to keep up with pace of the fast-changing trends. While to those who are new in this industry will need to think an out of the box web design.

There are many web design companies you can choose from. Though there are some who will just take advantage of you, there still many whom you can trust like Sites by Design.

Owned by Faith Computing Pty. Ltd. and started by Scott Nailon in 2010, it is a web design business. They specialize in creating websites for various businesses in different industries. They are also focused in making a solid and steady search engine plan.

Their primary objective is to create a beautiful website for your business with a promise of better exposure of your website on the search engine; making you known to many audiences ang possible clients.

The Five Step Framework

Sites by Design uses an approach in creating a website for your business. They even use this five-step framework on rebuilding some businesses. They can do the planning, content, design, development, and hosting.

  • Planning –A quality website always starts with website planning. Just like any other businesses, everything starts from having a plan. This include keyword searching, content siloing, on page SEO, and future content.
  • Content – Website content does not only tackle about the words or text, it is also the audio, video, images and graphics you can see on a website. Content creation is one of the most important part in making website.
  • Design – Many are mistakenly doing their website design first, when it should come after the website planning and content creation has been done. And because of the fast-changing trends, even we design is evolving.
  • Development –Many people nowadays are selling what they don’t advertise. Delivering low-quality products, such as developing websites that are built on layers of bloated code.
  • Hosting –Every website owner needs a web host service. Web hosting is a process wherein your website is stored in a server.