Choosing the right hotel should be treated very important to you especially when you are planning to take a vacation. Booking the wrong one could wind up overspending and could make ruin your supposed to be a fun and memorable vacation especially if you bring your family all along.

It would be fine for you to stay in a cheap hotel if you or your partner comes along with you during the vacation, but it is an entirely another matter if you bring along your kids that is why you should choose a hotel that is family-friendly.

You will learn in this post in how to choose a good family hotel so that when you are planning for a family vacation, you will have a peace of mind and have the time to enjoy.


  1. Always prioritize the location- Picking the right location for your vacation means the difference between an enjoyable or miserable hotel accommodation. It is up to you if you want to stay near the city or near a beach, or maybe you want the peaceful environment of the suburbs. Always remember that the location of the hotel is important, and you must choose a hotel strategically located in a very accessible area where attractions, restaurants, malls, public transportations are just a walking distance from there.
  2. Dining options- Considering that you brought your kids along, your hotel might not serve foods that kids like, so make sure that the hotel has a restaurant that will also make the kids have a good appetite. An on-site restaurant would be preferable or a buffet and a complimentary breakfast every morning should be a great option for you and your family.
  3. The hotel’s ambiance- A thoughtful interior design of a hotel adds a more memorable experience during your vacation. A good hotel should always make you feel comfortable, feels like home, hospitable feel, and a little bit of luxury that makes you and your family extra special, especially how the staff treats you.
  4. Childcare options- If you bring along your baby or your kid aged two to four years old during your family vacation, always choose a hotel that has well-managed childcare options which offer options kids club or playpen where the kids and your infant is entirely safe. However, this kind of extra service comes with an added fee, so make sure you ask first before you avail of it.
  5. Complimentary breakfast- One of the good signs that a hotel is good is its complimentary or free breakfast that you can enjoy every morning. You can either choose a hotel that serves breakfast on bed or a breakfast buffet where you can choose a wide array of food for breakfast to energize you and your entire family for another exciting day during your vacation.

Connectivity- Nowadays, the majority of the people are fully relying on technology because of the convenience it brought to everyone’s lives. Most likely, everything that we see is connected to the internet, and a good business hotel should have a high-speed internet connection which has a Wi-Fi capability.

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