Wedding gowns are expensive. A gown typically costs at least four figures (often more), and the price seems even more exorbitant when you realise, you will only wear it once in your life. If you would rather spend your honeymoon cash on anything else than a lavish gown, renting is a popular option that allows you to save money while still wearing an expensive gown down the aisle. Let us look at the advantages of wedding gown rental singapore.

  • The Cost of Renting a Wedding Gown:

You might wind yourself saving hundreds of dollars on a dress depending on where you rent from. Wedding gowns may be rented for as low as $50-$600, but they can also be less or much more depending on the dress and rental business.

Designer dresses may be rented for a fraction of their purchase price, ranging from $500 to $2,000 in most cases. Some websites, such as Rent the Runway, are set up as a subscription service, in which you pay a monthly fee for access to specific style options.

wedding gown rental singapore

The Benefits of Renting a Dress:

  • You will Save Money:

This is the most important benefit of all, and it is what prompted you to consider renting in the first place. Renting allows outfits that were previously out of reach to become a reality.

You might be able to get a dress by your dream high-end designer that you would never be able to purchase otherwise because you are just borrowing the outfit for a night or two. Renting a gown is a far less expensive choice than purchasing one, and it is common for wedding gowns that cost four figures to be reduced to three.

  • There is no need to preserve, store, or dry clean it:

Wedding gown preservation is not free. A lot goes into preventing the delicate fabric of a wedding gown from yellowing over time.

However, with a rental, you will not have to worry about where you will keep your gown after the wedding or how you will maintain it. Rental firms usually provide dry cleaning as part of the service. Dry cleaning for a gown may cost up to $200, so consider your savings to be a huge gain. Simply return it, and you are done.

  • You will Have an Easy Destination Wedding:

Some destination salons enable you to rent your dress, which may be quite handy for destination brides.