Canada’s immigration system is completely revolutionized and The Express Entry system is all to be rewarded for that.  New practices have evolved only to ease the situation and deal with the incoming application so there would be much faster processing. However, there are few myths and several misconceptions about the express entry program.

Canada Immigration Express Entry

Few are described below, the popular myths and misconceptions regarding the Express Entry program one should know.

All Can Try Luck

  • People have a deep conviction that they can enter the Express Entry pool any time they want but the fact of the matter is they would only be deemed eligible if they were eligible for Canadian immigration as backed by federal economic immigration program.
  • There is a big misconception that everyone would be having chance to immigrate to Canada but you need to have skill and talent.
  • There are some existing federal economic immigration programs, there are different programs like The Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), The Canadian Experience Class and The Canadian Experience Class, when you are wondering whether you are eligible for Express Entry pool you should go for free immigration assessment.

A Job You Should Have for Express Entry

  • A job offer is not always needed when it comes to Canada immigration under the new law and regulation. However the Canadian employers will always be permitted to have more straight forward approach by means of Express Entry.
  • When you are an applicant in the Express Entry pool, via Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) you will be given points.
  • When either you are awarded with a qualifying job offer or you are having a provincial nomination certificate, you will be gaining more mileage.

Eligible Occupation List can still apply

  • Now the fact of the matter is the eligible occupation list is practically nonexistent. Considerable confusion has created where the potential candidates are having doubts about the occupation list for the FSWP. Today there is no occupation list for the FSWP.
  • So this is something good for the aspiring candidates who were in the last list of the occupation list for the FSWP.
  • However this is practically unwise to note that the catalogue for ineligible occupations for Canadian Experience Class (CEC) will be getting no scope for applying for canada express entry visa.

No other way but Express Entry is the only way

  • However canada immigration express entry is there to cover maximum economic immigration programs but there are certain allocations as made by the Express Entry system as according to which you can easily get immigration opportunity in Canada.
  • As according to the provincial labor market needs, Canada’s provinces and territories are having a ‘base’ Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) based on which they would be making selection of immigrants who are deemed eligible.

No Need for Language tests

  • All the candidates are needed to pass the regular Canadian government English or French language test right before getting permission to enter the pool.
  • All the candidates are needed to exhibit their language skill in any of these languages only to be included in the Express Entry pool. The set eligibility requirement should be met, as according to the chosen federal economic immigration program.