Rising at Beverly Hills, California, and operate is Relativity Media. An American company that is known to create, produce, and distribute films. It was founded by a well-known producer Ryan Kavanaugh alongside Lynwood Spinks. This company has paved the way for most films of its time and was known to have invested billions to entertainment outlets with its significant partners, namely Citibank.

Founded in 2004, Ryan Kavanaugh and Lynwood Spinks brought together a company that operates and works with studios to make deals. The work that they do is to make sure that there is financial support for an on-going entertainment project with studios. With that, they make returns through film equity, producers fee, and credit.

A timeline of Relativity Media’s work:

The dealings and the work that Relativity Media do wasn’t just an easy task. To make things rolling, Relativity Media set off towards the industry and making their name known. On this conquest Relativity, Media got the label Rogue worth $150 million from Universal. The label, as administered by Relativity, monitors all film projects such as Last House on the Left, The Unborn, and 30 more on-going film developments. Under the same year, Relativity worked on a deal with Lionsgate getting Brothers released with Season of the Witch and The Spy Next Door in tow, and this was the year that the company started to make successful deals from here and there.

Ryan Kavanaugh

Relativity Media then extended out their business and took their work to Asia with known billionaire Keyur Patel, owner of two major networks investing in India’s theatres, media productions, and satellite development. When they landed that deal, Relativity Media was bound to do something more.

The company was adamant about garnering more releases and working with big names in the industry. In 2010 while the company made way to Asia, Relativity Media struck a five-year deal via Pay-TV with Netflix. In the same year, they ran the marketing and distribution of Starz Overture Films, marking it as their Mini-Major.

When 2011 rolled in, they invested in SkyLand Film and Television Cultural Development Ltd, already a China-based production, yet another investment for the company stretching its reach further in Asia. The next year, Relativity Media plan in buying Senator Entertainment, also a German distributor.

2012 was another big year for Relativity Media as they got an equity deal running through $800 million and raised $350 million after that for film funding. Around this year, Relativity Media and Roque were selling out films to Manchester Library.

The work continued until 2018 when Relativity Media was sold to Ultra V Holdings and became its new owner.

What great years for the company it has been. It’s legacy and the work that it does continue to live until today.