Recognizing domestic violence should not really be a problem. This is what every person somewhere intuitively feels is something wrong with a partnership. It does not matter whether the woman knows how to name the type of violence, whether it is psychological, physical, sexual or economic violence, but it is important to believe in her own feeling that something is happening that makes her uncomfortable, in pain, or in a situation where she would not wanted to be. Make sure to book an appointment now.

So instinct almost never cheats. If you just think that your partner is treating you roughly and you feel fear, you are probably right. But you’re also likely to close your eyes, take a deep breath, maybe cry, and get on with your daily chores. Why are you doing this, why don’t you just leave?

One of the reasons may be the financial issue, women often have nowhere to go or do not even know that there are shelters and homes

One of the reasons may be the financial issue, women often have nowhere to go or do not even know that there are shelters and homes that can help them. One of the reasons is children because it is not easy to make a decision to separate a child from a parent, but the connection with as a partner, women are asked how to get away from something they have put in many years of effort, and often believe that the partner will change.

Women often suffer violence even when they are financially independent.

There are situations in which a woman, through her high school education, has never received the message that she is worthy and that she should insist on being respected and having some kind of self-esteem, and then, regardless of the financial situation, some women remain in violence because they just can’t imagine going through life on their own.

As a big problem, is the fact that women often justify their partner by themselves: today he is like that because he was ill at work, did not pay him regularly, has problems with his parents, the children were loud and naughty. He also finds it sometimes easier to focus on one, sometimes with both eyes, to let time pass and not deal with anything. Resolving is certainly not the solution. Here we come to the key question: what can a woman do for herself (and her children especially) when she realizes that she is a victim of violence and abuse?

He may and must seek information and support, but the first step may not always be the calling of the police, because, people often look down on the police and the decision “I’m going to the police now” can sound quite scary. Also, women are afraid to report the abuser because they do not believe in the institutions of the system. So, the first step should not be the biggest. The mere fact that you decided to do something in the beginning changes things. Pick up the phone and call the SOS phone, which works from 0-24, which will give you basic information, you can ask anything that interests you and you don’t even have to introduce yourself.

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