Everything from shopping to communicating to conducting medical transactions can now be done online thanks to advancements in technology. However, there are a number of con artists operating at the moment, and they will use every trick they can think of to rip you you. Since they don’t pick and choose who they try to con, we can’t be absolutely confident that we’re protected.

However, you may rest easy knowing that over 2 million people throughout the world rely on the advice provided by My Medadvisor. They put resources into developing a reliable system to keep your information safe.

The free app makes it simple for users to order medication from the comfort of home. People can set medicine reminders, order refills, and stop worrying about forgetting to take their medication thanks to this helpful app. MedAdvisor will remember so that they don’t have to worry about it.

Get your meds sent to your phone

Medication management has never been simpler.

My Medadvisor will keep track of your prescriptions, so you won’t have to worry about remembering to download the free app and maintaining a relationship with your neighborhood pharmacy. It’s time to get your medicine under control and go back to living.

My Medadvisor

Stay on top of your meds.

Find out what over 2 million users have come to adore and rely on.

Control the flow of drugs.

Save all of your medication information in one convenient place. Monitor your remaining days of medication and conveniently place an order with your doctor.

Reminders that are set to go off automatically

If you neglect to get a refill on a medication, an automated system will remind you.

You can submit a prescription refill request at any time of day or night and your doctor will get it as soon as they are able to. Your drug stock can be managed whenever is most convenient for you.

Warning to gather

Get an alert when your prescription is ready for pick up. There’s no need to visit or phone. Avoid needless delays and extra journeys to the drug store.

Transition to Professional Role

Managing Medications in Bulk

The MedAdvisor app makes it easy to keep track of all of your medications, even if your doctor writes them in a batch. If a fresh prescription is needed, the app will send the request to your doctor; otherwise, it will send you to the drugstore.

Josh’s mom is just one of the many who could benefit from MedAdvisor, which was created to give people agency over their health and make drug management less of a burden. Together, the digital-first pharmacy tools and educational content enhance users’ health literacy and medication adherence, and a robust app is developed to help people take and track drugs.

Co-founder, Josh, witnessed his mum battle with more than ten different prescription medicines needed to treat her arthritis and Parkinsons Disease. Managing several medications is a major source of stress for people living with chronic illness.

Visit mymedadvisor.co.uk for further details and questions.