Many people over the past decade were victims of various scams in the construction industry performedby investors that made them waitingfor years for a mercy, and now they want to seek justice in front of the courts. Ignorance and passivity of citizens in making agreements for joint construction led to becoming victims and lose their homes. Have you been a victim to a scam in the building industry or do you know someone who was a victim? scafom north america will tell you exactly what to pay attention to in order not to be tricked in the future.

Agreement on joint construction is a contract that regulates mutual rights, duties and responsibilities for joint construction of the facility, which should clearly indicate who will be entitled to the building, and who will have the obligation to pay compensation for changing the construction land.

The obligations of the Contractor in these agreements can be varied. First, a construction of new building (by destroying the existing). Second, the performance of certain buildings or performing reconstruction of the existing building construction. And third, execution of construction work on the land on which such things were not previously displayed.

Upon conclusion of the contract transferring the right of construction may be: completely (construction right is transferred to the name of the Contractor), partially (right to a building partially transferred to the Contractor, and some remains of the owners / co-owners of the land or object, where the division is expressed in fractions) or not transmitted right of construction (construction right remains to the owners / co-owners of the land or building).

The conclusion of an agreement for joint construction which reads in part to be transferred with the construction of the Contractor, and some remain to the owners / co-owners of the land or building, means that the building permit and occupancy permit are on behalf of the Contractor and the name of the owners / co-owners, which means that it will be recorded in the property list.

However, the practice shows that contractors often offer and agree to sign contracts in which the right to build is completely transferred to their name. The conclusion of such an agreement, is a serious risk in terms of their rights of construction, because the one that has a right to build or building permit and occupancy permit, will be recorded in the public records, iewill have a title as an owner.

In such cases, the construction or extension of the building requires contractors to sign and certify the notary contract of sale of real estate owners / co-owners. There are so many people out there who become victims of construction scams, so be careful not to become one of them. It is important to have a lawyer with you before signing any contract. Legal advice is always helpful. It is better to be safe than sorry.