Millions of syringe and sharp medical needles are thrown each year, and improper disposal of these needles are the number one cause of health issues in the community and even in our houses.

Even if it is placed in a secured container or bin, these containers can still break open when the trash truck compacts and collect them. Workers are stuck with the needles and must go through months of testing for hepatitis or HIV, because basically, they have no idea where the needles came from, or what could be the disease it carries.

That’s why to assure your whole family’s health, the health of other people, and a healthy environment, you must know the proper sharp disposal at home.

Luckily, today’s blog post will be of help in guiding you the proper ways on disposing sharp needles, and in keeping your environment clean and disease. With the health of Daniel’s Health, you will be reading a valuable blog post on making sure you are disposing sharp items the right way.

How To Dispose Sharp Containers 

Basically, the first thing you need to remember is to properly put your needles in a strong, plastic container. Never bend the needle, just place it there and seal the container then you can place it in your household trash.

You can also use a clipper to snap off a needle or the sharp part of a syringe. The needle then stays inside the clipper. However, clippers aren’t designed to remove lancet needles. These are needles used by people with diabetes to check their blood glucose levels, and are designed to be used just once before disposal.

Below are a few sharps disposal ways: 

1 Drop Box or Supervised Collection Points

Now, you can definitely take your sharp filled container to appropriate collection sites. These may be hospitals, health clinics, pharmacies, health departments, community organization, police and fire stations, or medical waste facilities. These professionals are more reliable in taking good care of your sharps containers and dispose them the right way.

Services may have a nominal fee.

2 Household Hazardous Waste Collection Sites

These collection sites are another way to safely dispose sharps. You can check with your local waste provider to find out if sharps are collected at their site. Then you can place your needles in an FDA-cleared sharp containers, take the container and place them in a sharp collection designated bin.

3 Daniel’s Health Sharp Disposal Service

You can also go to Daniels’ Health for sharps disposal service.  Daniels sharps containers is a robotic type of washing system that processes every container after use and achieves a 106 log reduction in bacterial load. It has a suite of mounting, movement and location accessories that ensure containers are seamlessly moved without risk to healthcare staff, and utilized at the point of patient care thereby minimizing risk in sharps disposal.

Daniels Health is licenced to handle the collection, transport and destruction of sharps across the US, and our operational staff are supported by a compliance team who manage all state and federal regulations that pertain to the management of sharps waste. As a company, Daniels Health are positioned and committed to providing the safest, most environmentally responsible, and most efficient sharps management solutions in the United States.