Planning an international tour in a midst of the global pandemic is certainly not simple. Before you plan to board a flight, there is an important step that you need to take: pre-departure PCR test in Singapore.

What’s pre-departure PCR test?

It’s the molecular test (that use Polymerase Chain Reaction), which detects viral particles present in a sample taken from the body, generally the swab of your throat or nose. The positive result means that you are carrying the virus, thus it is very important that the test is taken before you take a flight.

Why do you have to take a pre-departure PCR test?

Many countries now need the negative PCR test within 72 hours before boarding a flight. The test generally helps to make sure that travelers will not spread this virus if they happen to get infected, and keeping everybody safe when travelling.

This test is accessible at an authorized testing facility across the country. So, to ensure accuracy, most of the countries need that testing center should be accredited and affiliated with board for testing. If any traveler tests positive, then their travel plans must be postponed and cancelled.

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When you get the results, ensure that you save the digital or hardcopy of the PCR test, as most of the airlines need this before they board a flight. Suppose your travel plans include the layover or transiting from a country to another, then you will have to produce a PCR test at every port.

So, pre-departure PCR test has become mandatory for the travel to a few countries as well as highly recommended for the travel to various other countries. Suppose your destination does not need it yet, still it is better that you get this test to make sure your vacation stays a safe and healthy one.

Take a note that if the test is taken very early (in less than 72 hours) before the flight, it will not be considered valid, thus you need to ensure that you have the required steps within an allowed timeline. Ensure you know the guidelines of the test before you plan your tour.

Don’t forget to do your pre-departure PCR test before you take the international flight, it is an only way you can guarantee the safe as well as worry-free travel experience. With a pre-departure PCR test in the hands, all you require is the adventure. Bon Voyage!