There are many different types of display products. The list and the number products is endless. The consumers from all parts of the world use this type of display. From the widescreen smartphones to portable monitors, the urge to sue the big screen is getting more and more. From the programmers, gamers to professionals, everyone desire to use the big screens. Thus portable monitors have been designed for usage. These portable monitors come with two types of connectivity: USB and HDMI. Although USB portable monitor is more popular among the two, the competition between the two connectivities is intense.

There are two types of connectivities for portable monitors. Those are: HDMI and USB. The USB connectivity takes no external source power. It depends on the connected device for power. Many portable monitors come with USB connectivity. The screens require single USB connection. These are the most hassle free device. They provide faster data transfer too. Comparatively, the USB connectivity portable monitors are cheaper than HDMI. Hence, these are most popular in demand. Many brands like ASUS, AOC, HP provide the USB portable monitor. The USB connectivity has come in many forms in the portable monitors. The USB 3.0, USB type C are few of the stands of the Universal Serial Bus or USB.

On the contrary, the HDMI monitors can be connected with the wide variety of options and gadgets such as phones, camera, laptops etc. these monitors are little expensive than normal portable monitors. Hence, not much popular in use. However, the picture quality is perfect and crystalline. There are only few manufacturers of this product. The users may enjoy full hands on experience of watching a movie or gaming on big screen, when on vacation or travel. You need not connect it with power socket or no hassles of input and output cables.

Few popular portable monitors:

  • ASUS MB169C+ : the ASUS model portable monitor provides 1920 * 1080 panel. The outer layer is a matte finish black metal body. The image display is clear with high contrast and brightness. It is available for less than US $200.
  • AOC E1659Fwux: it provides 1920 * 1080 resolution. The use of TN display is made instead of IPS display. The colors and contrast of the images and videos is good enough to give a thumbs up. The product is available for US $150 in the market.
  • HP Elite Display s140U: this HP’s workstation product was initially designed to improve the virtual desktop space for professionals who are always on travel. To provide widescreen work experience from anywhere in the world, this portable monitor was designed. The model monitor is of 14 inch viewing space with 1600 * 900 resolution. It takes less space and weighs less than any other portable monitor. It is available for US $135.
  • GeChic 1503H: It is the most expensive products among all the portable monitors. It is the 15 inch full edged HD panel. It looks stunning like any other regular laptop. The use of vibrant and bright colors brings it in the top of the chart. The IPS panel is used for this monitor display. The price of this portable monitor is US $380.