The pneumatic conveying system suppliers have been the leader in power handling systems and pneumatic conveying in the Asia Pacific and the Middle East. We have expertise in the food manufacturing industry.

Pneu powders systems are best suitable for moving of high volume materials because it is fast and good. Industries that use this system include FMCG manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, milk powder production, and others. A pneumatic conveyor has so many advantages that it is suitable for the moving of materials. These advantages you don’t see in any traditional moving methods.

We are best at power handling and pneumatic conveying of lean and dense phases. The lean phase means the transport of lightweight materials over a large distance, whereas the dense phase means the transport of hard materials at a lower velocity.

We at pneu powder systems are highly experienced in conveying bulk, semi-solid powders, and granules. We have completed more than 150 projects all our clients are completely satisfied with our solution. we have successfully handled small to big projects with a complete result.

What is the pneumatic converter?

Pneumatic converters are tools that are used in transporting materials.

How it works

This pneumatic converter uses compressed air to move products through a pipeline.

Some of the best advantages of pneumatic conveyors are

  • Product degradation
  • Non-contaminating
  • very low energy consumption.
  • Tight system design.
  • Fewer moving equipment.

Components of a pneumatic powder conveying system

The most important component is the bowler. What a bowler does is generate airflow that is necessary for moving materials through pipelines. Apart from this feed system, conveying pipes, dust collectors, and vessels are key parts of powder conveying systems.

Is pneumatic convey better than mechanical convey?

pneumatic conveying system suppliers

Mechanical conveying systems have limits, whereas pneumatic conveying systems do not have limitations. Whatever things that are lacking in mechanical conveyors are in pneumatic system conveying.

There are some advantages to pneumatic conveyors that mechanical conveyors don’t have.

  • Pneumatic conveyor provides a high level of accuracy and the reason for it is no loss in air turbulence.
  • Pneumatic converters take minimal space than mechanic conveyers.
  • Pneumatic conveyors are efficient because they use air pressure to move materials. it is more efficient than other conveying methods.

It covers both horizontal and vertical space.

One great thing about this converter is it can convey the products both horizontally and vertically. This conveying takes place through pipes that are connected to walls or hung from the ceiling. both these approaches occupy less space.