Containers and totes are quite comparable for local removals. However, for long-distance removals when boxes are piled and hauled for many kilometres or days, it’s critical to employ the best packing available to keep your belongings safe. Many people advocate utilising cardboard boxes for moving house instead of plastic containers while relocating. This is why:

  • Size

Plastic bags are often rather big, which can make packing difficult. When you put too much in one bag, it might become too heavy to carry or stack. However, boxes come in a variety of sizes, allowing you to select the best one per item. Use these packing suggestions to discover the perfect box and packing strategy for each item in your home.

  • Simple to stack

While tubs look wonderful on garage shelves, they can easily tip over when loaded into a moving truck. They also frequently feature lids with mouths and grips, making stacking difficult. Boxes, on the other hand, can be stacked squarely edge-to-edge to save space.

  • Durability

Because of the tilted form of a plastic tote, when stacked, the whole burden of the tub lies on the centre of the lid underneath it, which can cause the plastic to cave or shatter. Moving boxes are constructed of strong double-walled corrugated cardboard. It’s why manufacturers transport everything in a carton from the production to the retailer (or your house).

cardboard boxes for moving house

  • Environmental sensitivity

The plastic used to build storing containers can take centuries to degrade. Furthermore, while some businesses provide recyclable plastic packing materials, they are not ideal. You’ll have to wash them before using them and then unpack them quickly before returning them. Boxes may be readily biodegraded and recycled. When cardboard boxes for moving house are recycled, it is used to manufacture hand towels, napkins, sheets, and chipboard packaging (like cereal boxes).

  • Simple to locate and ship

Based on the season, finding enough plastic shifting totes to load your home might be difficult, and because they don’t fold, they can be costly to transport. Shifting boxes are available in moving or office supply stores or you may purchase them online from a variety of sites. They ship easily since they fold flat.

  • Storage

A plastic bucket may be an excellent alternative for storing seasonal decorations or out-of-season apparel in your garage, attic, or closet. Plastic totes, on the other hand, can trap moisture and cause mildew or mould on objects when stored for an extended period. Cardboard provides for ventilation and may be entirely sealed with packing tape to keep bugs and rodents out.