Nothing is more rewarding than serving up great pizza that has been brought right to your door and seeing those happy faces. What’s best? Everyone goes home content. There’s sure to be a pizza out there that suits their palate, whether they want four-cheese, Margherita, or pepperoni.

However, this is not your typical pizza singapore delivery from a fast-food restaurant. We’re promoting superb wood- and stone-fired pizzas right now. Before being delivered to your home for some well-deserved indulgence, these life-changing slices are prepared in-house, topped with fresh toppings, and elegantly charred for plenty of smokey flavors.

pizza singapore

How can we identify the greatest pizza restaurants in Singapore when there are so many of them, each serving their delicious pizzas? The Fun Empire steps in at this point. We investigated on your behalf and that of your taste senses! So, below is a carefully compiled list of Singapore’s Top Pizza Restaurants.

  1. Amo

Amo makes all of its pizzas with slow dough fermentation, fresh seasonal toppings, and an Italian wood-fired oven for a blisteringly charred exterior. Amo offers package options that combine their pizza and a hand-picked assortment of red, white, or sparkling wines to make the evening even better. For your information, dairy-free and gluten-free choices are also available upon request to accommodate all dietary requirements.

  1. Extra Virgin Pizza

To ensure that customers only receive the greatest food, each of their pies is created using unbleached and unbromated flour and topped with additional fresh ingredients. The pizzas from EVP are unexpectedly chewy compared to other thin-crust varieties, making each bite heavier. A popular choice among diners was the Shellfish-Love pizza, and vegetarian options like the Pistachio and Pumpkin were also well-liked.

  1. Publico Ristorante

You must try Publico Ristorante if you want hassle-free, hearty Italian food with a modern touch. It has a crisp, smoky white base that is covered in mozzarella, porcini mushrooms, and smoked scamorza. Even meat-eaters will enjoy this delicious vegetarian pizza.

  1. Cicheti

Pizza lovers will be satisfied by the endless selection of delectable classics that originate from Cicheti’s imported wood-fired oven from Naples. Take a bite out of the Bella Napoli, which comes with a whole burratina, datterino, Prosciutto di Parma, wild arugula, and aged balsamic for good measure, indulge in the Ortolana, a vegetarian alternative seasoned with copious amounts of eggplant, zucchini, garlic, stracciatella, and oregano. Both delivery and takeout are offered for the Cicheti menu.

In conclusion, if you enjoy this simple Italian meal, these are just a few of the top pizza places in Singapore that you ought to check out. We sincerely hope that each and every one of you will take the time to visit these pizzerias in person or to place an order for delivery so you can savor their meals in the comfort of your own home!