Social media is wide-spread and used for various purposes. It involves various internet sites, which often uses by people regularly. It is used to keep in touch with friends and helps companies to advertise. In entertainment purpose it plays major role like sharing photos and videos. Advertisers use this to market their product and increase sales. In fashion industry it is easy to share new styles in fast speed. Industries mainly depend on this media to make their business more profitable. Social media advertisement saves time and cost. It is easy to understand the market and make changes according to it. Influence of social media is available in banking sectors to find the queries of the customer and helps to solve it. Movies are more advertised mostly on it and viewers also post their review based on the movie which is helpful for people, who are going to watch it. It creates employment opportunities. If you click on the advertisement they will pay you. It creates relationship between people. In Facebook and twitter new users increases day by day it shows the growing trend in social media. Online marketing is very successful with large buyers. It helps to search in for job and dive into the required field. It is easy to use and gather information at fingertip. In mobile, we can download software to use social media anytime.

The search engine optimization consists of many types such as white hat seo, black hat seo and the gray hat seo. If you are using the white hat seo you can get the results but it takes some time to give you the results.

Next one is the black hat seo and it is the kind of search engine optimization it gives you the results faster. It is not legal one so it is banned. It brings the results to the top position illegally. The gray hat technique is that the combination of both the black hat and white hat techniques. All the process consists of some techniques in the search engine optimization such as marketing, developing and the back links.


The online marketing agency Singapore is having more years of experience in this field and they are able to promote your product easily. It helps to respond quickly. It increases loyalty. Helpful in world wide connectivity, so you can exchange information in real time with more people. Nowadays social media for business activities plays major role in attracting new customer and allows a new product to have a market. Help in promoting products, services to millions of customers. It rapidly updates news and information. Influences purchase decision and help to choose product which suits our need from various alternatives. Increases demand and purchase. Recent research indicates that advertising in social media is most cheap than other form of media. Results are known quickly. Lower the cost of acquiring new customer. Educate customer about the product. Brand can move faster than competition with social media. Youngsters spend most of their time in online so it is easy to target using social media. In launching new product, customers can make their opinion which is useful for its promotion and sales. For non-profit organization it is helpful in making their business aware among many people. It is easy to get investment and sell shares.