Most people consider pets as members of the family. Having them in family photos is incredible, but let us admit it, they are too difficult to photograph. Pet photography is a mixture of various photography. It is a portrait, sports, and child photography in one. One of the most challenging shots to make is one involving a pet and a toddler and having them sit still at the same time borders on impossible. If you are lucky and experienced enough, you will be able to capture a wonderful moment. To achieve beautiful photos of your pet, here are some tips you should consider.

Treats and toys

Pets do not understand posing instructions as humans do. You can use treats and toys to let them look in a particular direction or to keep them stay still. A trained pet will be more comfortable to work with if you have a treat waiting after each shot. Always ask the permission of the owner before you offer any food if the pet is not yours. Sometimes, you do not have to get a still shot. Using a toy helps achieve a high chance of your pet in motion. Most photographers use the same camera settings for sports photography. It enables them to get a fantastic shot of a specific action.

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Working with pets in photography is like photographing toddlers or newborn babies. Do not push it if they are not in a good mood. Wait for them to sober up and shoot when they are ready. Forcing your dog to sit still when you have only arrived is near impossible because he or she is eager to see you. Walking the pet to keep him or her calm by getting some of the energy out before you start is a good idea.


Always shoot from their eye level, not yours. Getting down on the pet’s eye-level will create more personal pet portraits. It brings out their unique personalities you could not capture otherwise. It also highlights a more intimate perspective. Using natural light will make their eyes sparkle without risking red-eye.

Fast shutter speed

Pets cannot stay still for too long, that is their nature. A fast shutter speed, continuous focus, and burst mode will do the trick. It will let you take a sequence of rapid shots, increasing the odds of getting a perfect photo. Set your camera to shutter priority mode or manual mode then set it to at least 1/250 if possible. You can set it for a faster speed if you want action shots of a game of fetch.

Taking  pet photography Australia can be frustrating, but the rewards can be significant. Work fast and capture the images you need before the pets get bored. Try to take a photograph against block color backgrounds to give your photos a cleaner look.