Proteins are a major part of our daily nutrition. Your body has a need for daily proteins to provide a strong immune system and keep your health in top shape. Today you can find many diet food recommendations online, but no matter what you read, you still need a stable source of proteins to keep your body fit and performing at optimum levels. If you want a healthy nutrition plan with a low protein count, it’s best to combine them with herbs as they complement the taste and the overall quality of the dish. Here are some of our recommendations as to which herbs are the perfect combination to go with your daily protein intake:

  • Mint to freshen the dish

Mint is a very strong plant that you can easily grow in your own home or garden. It can also serve as a decorative plant, so you will always have a fresh supply of mint in the house to freshen up your dish. This plant goes great as an addition to summer salads, as it will give an extra freshness to the overall flavour. If you like lamb, this is the perfect herb to add to the roast as it will add a special and subtle flavour.

  • The everyday Oregano

We all know about this herb and we’ve all tasted it at some point in our lives. It’s the perfect addition to any that has a red tomato base, so you can always find it as an addition to pizza, most pasta sauces and meat roasts. Just make sure to have a good apron like the ones on since tomato sauce stains can be hard to remove. This herb complements red meat superbly so if you like red meat in your daily nutrition this is the perfect herb for you.

  • Rosemary for the winter

A lot of world-famous chefs use rosemary in their dishes to get that strong, bold note. This is the perfect addition for homemade stews or meat roasts. Just sprinkle a bit of rosemary over the roast to give it a stronger and more delicious scent and flavour.

We came to know that protein is how much important to our health and its importance in our diet. Infact our hair and nails are made up of protein and it can be found in each and every cell in your body. People nowadays consume supplements and other helpful herbs to increase the protein level in their body as it is considered as the building blocks of different part of our body like skin, bones, muscles, blood, cartilage etc. Proteins are considered as the macronutrients which are needed by your body in large quantity inorder to stay healthy. Protein are not like a carbohydrates or fat because our body may not able to store the protein so it is necessary to take protein in your diet which can be in any form through foods or even through some herbs as explained above and stay healthy for many years.