Sometimes it is troublesome for customers to find their preferred products due to a vast number of items on the website. The product filter & search app will provide your consumers with a solution to tackle this trouble. This app enables you to build multiple product filters or in simple words, you can apply a filter for a collection and utilize another for the others.

You can place the order for the filters as well, for instance, you can filter products which has the size S and then colours pink. It is additionally available to share the filter results through URL that it is simple for customers to share it with their buddies. The app further supports three filter designs then you can select and change between them to bring customers with different feelings. There are still more amazing features that you can encounter by trying out for free for 21 days and spend $4.9/month for later uses.

Highlight features of smart product filter & search app

  • Allow customers to generate multiple product filters
  • Allow users to share filter results via URL
  • 3 filter designs are supported
  • Available to gather multiple values into one
  • Display available options only
  • Faceted search enhance the conversion rate: The faceted filter enables customers to find the products they want and ultimately buy those products from your site improving your conversion rate
  • Listed Navigation will enhance the user experience: Consumers can become disheartened when they can’t get what they have come to your site for. The smart product filter & search app allows them to discover exactly what they need thus enhancing customer satisfaction
  • Limitless custom filters: There are no restrictions on the number of custom filters you can build, therefore you can change your product filter & search to best fit the needs of your store and your consumers.
  • Shop by Brand, Shop by product anything you need: Use product options, custom fields, or the standard filters to create your bespoke level filter.
  • Quick Search: Allow your users to thorough search products, categories, pages, and brands through your default search bar on your shop.

The Shopify smart product filter app is ready to serve you

Shopify has a fully remote team. They are passionate believers in the philosophy that individuals should be smart to live anywhere they desire. The chances and preference of where we work shouldn’t be restricted by geographical factors. Shopify gives its members the freedom and duty to get things done on their terms.

Besides, they all keep in mind that “A happy business can only be created by happy people at heart”. That’s why at Shopify, they encourage members to pay more time on other concerns to broaden their boundaries and fulfil life purposes. They meet up as often as they can, both offline and online, to join with everyone in the team and verify that all of them get the necessary comfort to complete their work.