SUV is one of the most sold cars worldwide. Hence, every automobile company has to offer the best cars in this segment. Acura follows this trend and provides their clients with the best SUVs in the market. One of their most popular cars which people are quite impressed with is the MDX 2020 version. From a hybrid powertrain to ample seating space, this car has it all and is the reason people are opting for it from Henderson Acura.

  • Performance and engine power

The MDX is equipped with V6 engine that provides an out of 290 horsepower. This three-row SUV vehicle is a remarkably powerful. Moreover, it is paired with automatic 9-speed transmission which provides people with a swift ride.

Apart from this, there is a hybrid variant also available for people who would want such a vehicle for themselves. Though it’s a hybrid, the car is quite quick and transition between electric and gasoline motor is always seamless which makes it one of a kind.

The standard model has the capability of towing 5000 pounds. However, people using the hybrid version, the company doesn’t recommend any towing with it but the pleasure of driving and passing cars is always there with Acura MDX.

Moreover, the optional AWD drivetrain is what makes this car even more appealing to the masses. It aids in making it agile as well as engaging on road become easier which is not found in most three-row SUVs. Also, superior braking system helps the car to stop at exactly where one intends to if one applies brake correctly. The braking system in hybrid and standard model works similarly and offers same result without any difference.

  • Fuel efficiency

It has one of the best fuel efficient crossovers in the market currently. The though EPA rating states the non-hybrid version to have 28 mpg on highway and 20 in city. While the hybrid offers 26 when driving in city and 27 on highway. Both offerample mileage which puts these vehicles above the rivals in this car segment. To know more about this contact Acura Henderson.

  • Price and two variants

The Acura MDX has two versions as it is mentioned several times in this article. The first is the non-hybrid standard version MDX which costs $45,395. The MDX Sport Hybrid is priced at $53,895.

Most people opt for the hybrid version because of outstanding fuel economy and enhanced driving thrills, though it costs $8,000 more than the standard option. Moreover, one should opt for a few packages from dealer like the Technology package. It will help one increase driving experience. Also, it comes equipped with massive infotainment and safety features like monitoring every blind spot, rear as well as front parking sensor, rear traffic crossing alert, and more. Moreover, one can also add luxury package for it to be a really loaded car with colossal amount of features for the ideal driving experience.

Now, you know why more people are choosing Acura MDX 2020 as their crossover car instead of any other model. So, book yours today to enjoy what other Acura MDX drivers enjoys everyday.