The advent of the internet and consequent global connectivity has affected every sphere of human life. It has changed the way people approach and do things. Things once viewed as luxuries have now become necessities, and every aspect of human interaction is now characterized by a once unimaginable level of ease and convenience. This is especially true in the case of world economy. Geographical and cultural barriers have ceased to exist, and global business is booming. Several new currencies have been created to facilitate intercontinental cash flow, and also to eliminate the difficulty of carrying large amounts of cash. Plastic money such as credit and debit cards are the forerunners of this revolution, and almost all modern websites and applications now contain credit card payment gateways to facilitate easy online transactions.

Customers no longer believe they need to be physically present for a purchase. The exponential growth of the online shopping and retail industry is testament to this shift in consumer mentality. Once entrepreneurs have their business models sorted out, they need to focus their attention on how they will receive and process payments. Integrating alternating payment methods such as debit and credit card payment gateway is imperative to the growth and eventual success of their enterprise. There is a great demand for expertise in the field of transaction processing and we at goEmerchant are proud providers of the best service in this field.

In addition to creating EMV terminals and pin pads to facilitate the use of credit cards in retail environments, we also profess considerable experience and expertise in the process of payment gateway integration. Our intuitive and user friendly transaction system ensure clean and efficient processing of all payments made to the enterprise. The following features ensure customer satisfaction and overall efficiency of our activities.

  • Variety of payment options: – Our payment gateways accept all mainstream payment options, and ensure that there is minimal effort on the part of the buyer to complete transaction. This ensures that non acceptance of any specific wallet or currency is never an issue, and ensures compatibility across different platforms and payment methods. Multi-currency payment possibility ensures that distance and barriers of location are irrelevant.
  • Developer friendly REST API: – Full stack REST Gateway API and knowledgebase are provided to the developers, which enable them to add these gateways to their platform with minimal effort. The gateways are intuitive and easy to use and comprehend, and take into account varying levels of expertise across developers.
  • Comprehensive testing process: – Developers can familiarize themselves with the gateways and test its reliability for themselves in our live sandbox environment. They can run test transactions on their platform until the results and user experience are satisfactory. Testing can be customized according to client preferences, and they can also request certification credentials for each process.
  • Compliance with industry norms: – PCI compliance resources are provided to the client to reduce their compliance burden. Special care is taken to avoid violation of any industry rules and regulations.