Disinfection v/s sterilization

These are two terminologies that are easily confused with each other. Disinfection is limited to houses and offices. It involves the process of killing disease-causing micro-organisms present in the minor environment. Sterilization destroys the organisms along with their spores. Radiations like ultra-violet and infra-red are frequently utilized for sterilization. So it is not suitable for a minor workspace like offices.That said, let’s now look at this guide which briefly discusses office disinfection service singapore.

office disinfection services

Known diseases in Singapore

Before understanding the principle behind disinfection, it is necessary to have a brief idea about the diseases and the causative microbes. Certain species are endemic to Singapore. So disinfection cannot be done by adopting the usual methods. The well-known SARS virus, Zika virus, and entero-virus are some etiological agents that are the leading cause of Singaporean infections even today. However, the primary objective for treatment for a species of bacteria, virus, or fungi remains the same.


Principle behind disinfection

The micro-organisms are killed by making their environment unfavorable. The above-mentioned is the basic principle behind disinfection. Such conditions can be created by adding certain chemicals like isopropyl alcohol or simply by raising the temperature to a degree where they fail to thrive. The suitable method is adapted depending on the following factors:

  1. The number of times a surface is getting exposed.
  2. The quality of the material in the office to be disinfected may be metal, fabric, etc.,
  3. The type of microbe is prominent in the location.


What all are involved in disinfection?

  1. As the first and foremost step in disinfection, fogging is done to reach those spots which had been missed in the day-to-day cleaning. These spots are the less-touched areas.
  2. For those areas touched by people regularly, wiping with a concentrated percentage of isopropyl alcohol is done. The spots that come under high-touched areas include tables, chairs, and even door knobs.
  3. Disinfection of fabrics like carpet and furniture in the office is carried out using a high-temperature steamer.


Is disinfection necessary in an office environment?

The ultimate aim of every health organization is to bring up a healthy and wealthy community. Disinfection is a process that can be done at the lowermost level as a protection to prevent and control the spread of infections. Offices are one of the workspaces where people come in as primary carriers, thus increasing the spreading of diseases. Transmission of a droplet and air-borne infections are at the highest. Hence it is to be mandatory to disinfect all such spaces.