Knock knees or the other way called genu valgum is the state or condition of a person when he/she stands straight their ankles apart and knees touch. This is a kind of deformity that existed in the human body either by birth or by any other medical condition. Since it is being a normal part of the growth of bones and joints usually kids will be affected by this deformity. But, this issue may arise to anyone at any age. Obesity, deficiency of calcium and vitamin D, injury, wrong exercise posture, the practice of improper walking are some of the causes that may lead to the knock knee deformity. This knock knee deformity can be avoided for adults if they do the following exercises.


It is a kind of exercise where the person should lie down on their back and do rise and down the right and left legs for several inches periodically. This movement is generally called a fluttering motion. This is also a pose involved in yoga. The rise and down the legs that stretches the knee cap and other muscles which will help to realignment can be achieved. Doing properly the flutter and being able to bring the knee to the ground can rectify the issue as soon as possible. That too in flutters, Butterfly flutters are most recommended.

My Knock Knee Fix

Side Lunge

It is one of the best exercise practices that will help to tone the concerned person’s thighs or legs. Also, this kind of exercise practice helps to rectify the misalignment of the knee of the person. This practice greatly supports the person to enhance the stance and posture.  How to do this exercise?

Step 1: Stand properly with the distance usually feet hip-width

Step 2: Bend the concerned person’s knee by stepping out to the left side.

Step 3: Push the concerned person’s hips back

Step 4: Return to the actual position by pushing off the left stepped leg.


Cycling is one of the best exercises that favor as a remedy to many issues. Cycling is also supported to rectify the issue of knock-knee. The person should continue the practice for at least 30 to 45 minutes regularly, which will help to position misalignment.

Beyond the above-mentioned exercise sumo squats and leg raises also will help to overcome the knock-knee problems. More practices that help to correct the knock-knee issue can be found on the site called Also, the site My Knock Knee Fix provides more information about knock knee deformity.