Did you know that there are over 6,000 distinct languages around the world? Language barriers can sometimes be a challenge in life and especially in the workplace because effective communication is a key to the company’s future success. We have put together this guide to share some top tips about how to overcome language barriers at work.

Keep reading to learn our top language barrier tips.

1. Language Training

One way to help language barriers is to have workers go through introductory language training in the most common languages found at the workplace. This will help employees have a better understanding of where their colleagues are coming from even though this will not make them fluent in the language.

Keep in mind that this won’t eliminate all of the language barriers but it will help reduce them.

2. Translation Service

Hire a reliable translator that is there every day. Have them translate every document, email, and communication to the different languages that everyone speaks to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

The key is to find a reliable service that truly understands the language that they are translating to. This will minimize mistakes when translating certain words that have multiple uses in other languages. You can learn more info about finding someone to translate for your company.

3. Visuals

Using visuals more often is another way to help language barriers at work. Use photos, infographics, and diagrams when communicating via email. These are easy ways to convey what you are communicating and it takes any guesswork out.

Encourage all employees to include more visuals in their emails and presentations as well.

4. Cultural Differences Discussions

Something else that you want to take the time to do is educate your employees on the cultural differences they might encounter while they are at work. Make sure to educate on everything from the way people speak to each other to the way they sit in their chairs while working.

This will avoid conflict if someone mistakenly thinks that someone is intentionally being rude. Nipping these issues early on will create a much smoother work environment.

5. Plain Language

Using simple language is another way to not confuse people. When you are trying to communicate technical problems get in the habit of using plain and simple language. Using jargon or large words can leave others feeling confused and it can lead to mistakes during work due to lack of communication.

If you take the time to create a culture of speaking simply and explaining things as straightforward as possible you will notice a huge difference in employees understanding each other.

Ready to Overcome Language Barriers?

We hope that now that you learned how to deal with language barriers at the workplace, you are feeling better informed on which tips to apply.

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