There have always been conflicting ideas about what is best and most effective for your garden. Should you use traditional pest control measures using chemicals and other agents, or choose gentle organic pest control measures. Over the years, people have realized that there is no point in exposing their garden and surrounding areas to harmful and dangerous chemicals if they can help. This made the organic pest control method very popular and the fact that it was very effective made people even more excited.

The concept of organic pest control means you are not aiming to eliminate all pests in your garden. In the same way that our body requires some beneficial bacteria to metabolize, some pests are actually beneficial to gardeners and keeping them fresh. These good pests ensure that bad pests cannot enter your lawn or lawn, and is an effective pest control method. It is also much cheaper and less harmful to the environment.

Another way to control organic pests is to grow plants with flowers that attract insects and repel other pests. For example, blue flowers will attract both wasps and bees, which will keep other pests harmful to your garden. Wasps are generally not good, but when they are few, they are great at protecting your lawn.

Then you have a natural repellent like garlic. It not only gives a good harvest, but also repels pests. Snails, slugs, carrot flies and aphids will not work for them, and this is a great option for your garden. Crop plants can also be grown as they are naturally resistant to any type of infestation.

Organic mulching is another organic pest control method. The process involves adding good material to the soil and repelling pests. Likewise, pine needles can be used because snails and slugs don’t like to walk on them. Many gardeners try to cover their areas between the areas with needles so that the snails cannot run fast, which strongly discourages them from visiting again.

There are a number of very effective organic sprays on the market and you can always check with a good gardener before purchasing them. Remember that natural and organic pest control methods are always preferable to chemical ones, and if you can get results from them, then you should not hesitate to study them.

With a growing population and the environmental impact of agriculture in the spotlight, pest control and organic farming are getting better every day.