Cakes are vital embellishments that make events like birthday parties, weddings and anniversary celebrations lively. Imagine a birthday or a wedding without a cake! Would it not be boring and unlively? It sure will. The problem with most event organizers is that they don’t pay much attention to the health of the cake in question. Doing it for the first time, follow these vital steps on how to order a gluten-free custom cake from the best Online Bakery Near Sydney like

Inform the Bakery Specialists Well

Custom cakes are detail-oriented. They require proper preparation and unequaled expertise. Cake cooks aren’t magicians. They cannot know how detailed and specific you want your care unless you tell them. Therefore, when you are calling to place an order, make sure you supply the baker with as much information as possible. The baker will only give the best shot if you give them enough details on how you want your cake prepared.


Let the Baker Know the Urgency of the Cake

Online bakeries handle hundreds of orders on a daily basis. As said earlier, these are humans and not magicians so they cannot know how urgent you want the cake delivered. So if your order has to be given first priority, you should communicate it well to your baker. Give them convincing reasons why they should prioritize your order and they will not disappoint you.

Set a Realistic Budget

Budgeting for your custom cake order is critical. Don’t base your budget on the price quotes you have been getting from grocery stores. These stores price their cakes lower since they don’t invest enough time in creating the perfect cake that has all your desired details and qualities. It is best you get quotes from several online bakeries to budget for your order. No matter the quantity of your order, you must be realistic when setting a budget.

Inquire About Transportation

Once you have given out detailed information on the details you want to be added on your gluten-free cake, you should then inquire about transportation. Some customers ignore this aspect when placing orders only to end up in disappointment. You should get your baker to tell you how and when your order will be delivered. It is crucial you only opt for bakers who promise to deliver your order on time and in the right condition.


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