A house warranty for a freshly built home isn’t worth the money since you will end up with duplicate coverage. Homebuyers who purchase new construction often receive some form of guarantee from the builder on the materials and workmanship of the home, including plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling systems, for one, two, or up to ten years. So, better have a Complete Care Home Warranty.

Appliances are often not insured by the builder, although they do come with a manufacturer’s guarantee. Also, some credit cards provide extended warranties on top of the manufacturer’s guarantee with new appliance purchases, so if you renovate your kitchen and pay for new appliances with a credit card, purchasing a home warranty for that equipment may be unnecessary. Furthermore, if you follow a maintenance program and get your homes systems serviced annually, you may be able to avoid problems that a warranty would cover.

Advantages of house warranties

  • If you are buying a property with used appliances and outdated systems, a home warranty might provide you peace of mind. If you are new to a region, you are unlikely to have developed ties with local contractors or technicians who can assist you with repairs.



  • In most cases, your home warranty provider will identify and hire a reputable specialist. Because not all homeowners have the necessary DIY abilities to handle repairs on their own, having a home warranty to fall back on alleviates that concern.
  • Older homeowners, in particular, may value the ease of making a simple phone call if something breaks or falls into disrepair. Every home owner can better have a Complete Care Home Warranty

Disadvantages of house warranties

  • Home warranty providers set cost restrictions per repair or per year. This varies widely, but in general, the sky is not the limit. Claims may be refused by a home warranty provider if an item has not been properly maintained, which can be frustrating because a record of correct maintenance may be difficult to establish, especially for homeowners who have recently accepted occupancy of a property.
  • In rare situations, if an appliance needs to be replaced, you may not be able to choose the manufacturer or model of the replacement. Under certain conditions, such as a power outage, an appliance is unlikely to be protected.
  • The house warranty does not always cover all costs, and you will have to pay a service call charge each time you have an issue. Check the protection plan to discover if there is any exclusion and if you wish to upgrade your contract. You must check the warranty before you buy, if any doubt you can clear them by asking it to the service provider itself.