Heart is definitely the central and most important part of the human body. It helps in supplying pure blood along with nutrients and oxygen to the entire body. This in turn helps in keeping all the parts and vital organs of the body in an orderly state. Proper supply of blood, oxygen and nutrients is vital to ensuring overall good health of the entire body in all respects. Hence good heart health is very much important for anyone. Unfortunately, large numbers of people across the world suffer from numerous heart diseases or other issues related to the heart. To overcome all such issues and retain normal heart functions and ensure its good health in all respects, many patients are recommended to go for a heart surgery or operation by the Heart Clinic. Here are the new heart operations in the current year 2021 that are being opted for by the specialists in the concerned field. Have a look:-

Implantation of heart patches

It is one amongst the most common types of new heart operations that are being opted for by the specialists at Essex Heart Clinic so as to allow patients to get recovered quickly from the severe type of heart issues. Basically, hydrogel patches are implanted in the heart so as to stimulate angiogenesis. As a result of this, symptoms associated with ischemic heart disease and myocardial infarction may be managed well and that too without the need to go for traditional types of invasive surgeries.

Tissue-generated heart valve replacement

Suggested by the name, this type of heart operation basically involves replacing the original heart valve with a tissue-engineered and generated heart valve. The valve thus replaced grows within a patient and helps in management of congenital heart defects in children and also any types of disorders caused in the heart due to defective or malfunctioning valves in adults.

Cardiac ablation

It is yet another innovative procedure or operation that helps in treatment and effective management of Atrial Fibrillation in the heart patients. This type of surgery is generally recommended and performed in such cases wherein patients don’t respond to the medicines for management of heart issues.

Endoscopic surgery

Indicated by the name, it is again a minimally invasive heart operation that is being commonly opted for by the heart specialists in order to manage the underlying heart issues. Rather than going ahead with invasive procedures that require considerable time for complete recovery, it is a safer and better option.

All these operations or surgeries are based on new technologies and techniques that are being introduced in the relevant field from time to time. These help the patients to retain normal functions of the heart and recover in a speedy manner.