Bitcoins are the most used cryptocurrency in this world and is being used by more and more people. Though the transactions that are made with bitcoins are kept anonymous, there are chances for the hackers to find out the bitcoin address from or to where it is getting transacted. That is there is an opportunity for the trackers to track the address that you are using to send and receive your bitcoins.

Thus it is extremely easy for you to get caught when sending and receiving these decentralized currencies bitcoins. Thus the bitcoin mixers come into the picture which can be used to protect your privacy. When you use this mixer, your bitcoins will be kept mixed with the bitcoins of other users. Thus it will add an extra layer for your privacy and so it is little tough for the hackers to know your identity.

When your bitcoins are in this mixer and if you are initiating a transaction, you cannot send your bitcoins, but some other bitcoins that are previously in this mixer to the destination. This way, you can protect your bitcoin address as well as your real world identity to be identified by the hackers. There are good benefits that you can receive with the bitcoin mixer, when you make use of website.

Some of the merits that you can receive with this coin mixer are as follows:

  • Since merchants from all over the world are accepting bitcoin as a method of payment. When you use same bitcoin wallet for all the purchases from the same merchant, in this case there are more possibilities to track your information. There are more chances for exposing your real identity and you can protect your privacy by using bitcoin mixers.
  • Since the value of bitcoins has been increasing every day, more people love to acquire it. When you have a lot of bitcoins in your digital wallet and if the identity of that wallet is revealed, then it may be vulnerable to attacks. In this case, having a bitcoin mixer can help you to hide your wallet address.
  • If you are a long-term investor and have bitcoins in your crypto wallet, then it is a fact that you are making a big investment. In this case, the attackers will always think to defeat you and using the bitcoin tumbler, you can add an extra privacy to your wallet by mixing your tokens with bitcoins of some other users.

Thus, it is now clear that having a bitcoin mixer, it is extremely easy for the bitcoin owners to transact their bitcoins to and from the wallet without losing their identity. That is, they can send and receive cryptocurrencies anonymously.