Time management is one of the most crucial tasks to achieve amidst the daily hustle bustle of life. In the world of growing work and domestic responsibilities, everybody is so busy that keeping a track of things becomes quite daunting and hassled. While earlier people used to note down there to-do things in the form of diary or notes clipped in front of their cubicle or tables today this tasks gets digitised via the world of mobile applications.

Advent of smartphone technology has not only brought this gadget to become an indispensable part of our lives rather has also made things simpler and easier for us. Though today we can find an enormous plethora of entertainment and utility applications, what suits our needs is something we need to be aware of.

What is Time Clock Wizard?

One highly resourceful mobile application available at the platform of android as well as iOS that can possibly make you manage your time efficiently from employee meetings to personal family calls it lets you organise, plan and remember events is the very popular timeclock wizard application that can be downloaded either from its official website timeclockwizard.com or directly via android/apple play store using your smartphone.

What makes time clock wizard a work smart application?

Allowing you to perform a versatile list of tasks, downloading this application would possibly make your life easier by serving the following functions:

Scheduling Employee Calls

If you have been looking for a work smart application that could make your task easier, time clock wizard lets you schedule your employee tasks easily using its institutive scheduling function that lets the employees respond and request to their allotted tasks instantly. Whether you want to send time reminders or want to conduct a SOS meeting, an urgent notification via this application allows you to save your time and money and perform your designated task at the instance of a single click.

Tracking Employee Leaves, Paid-off benefits etc.

As a boss of the institution, you will have the responsibility to keep track of employee work hours to ensure if they are performing their duties well or not.The application lets you manage employee profiles with different colour coding schemes, review and attach time sheets and manage late and penalty charges all under one roof. Moreover the provision of an online time clock lets you keep a track of minute to minute accuracy of an employee work hour letting you track the location from your GPS enabled device itself.

Task Distribution and Management

Project management requires clear division of workload among variousteams so that every member of the team can work sincerely which adds tothe success of the overall project. This step often refereed as planningrequires assigning responsibilities to employs prioritising what are importanttasks and then setting up deadlines so that the work gets completed withinthe stipulated deadline. The application lets you achieve time management by assigning employee tasks using its online clock and lets them communicate and track progress via its interface thereby ensuring consistent work productivity.