With the evolving trends all across the world, it’s only natural for you to grow tired of your current hairstyle and crave a change. There’s nothing wrong with it, and you should go ahead and do it; but, if you’re going to do something that will affect your appearance, it’s critical that you pay attention to the quality of the products being used on you. You should try keratin straightening with LUX HAIR for reliable and undoubtedly best quality products. To begin, let’s discuss Keratin hair straightening. It’s a chemical technique conducted in a salon that can make your hair straighter and smoother. Here are a few benefits of keratin hair straightening:

  • Smooth hair:

Keratin smooths down the cells that overlap to produce hair strands, making hair more manageable and minimizing frizz. This results in hair that dries frizz-free and has a shiny, healthy appearance. By temporarily binding the hair back together, keratin can also decrease the look of split ends, as a lot of people appear to be stressed about their growing split ends.

  • Easy to manage:

Keratin treatments help to make hair more manageable, especially if it’s frizzy or dense. If you frequently heat style your hair, you’ll find that it dries faster with a keratin treatment. Keratin, according to some, reduces drying time by more than half. Since you can air-dry your hair more often and avoid heat damage, it may become healthier and stronger.

keratin straightening with LUX HAIR

  • Transformation:

The keratin treatment will give you an absolutely new and lovely look with the boring hair you’ve been dealing with for so long. You can even have a haircut with it and go completely short if that’s your vibe.

Let’s see the potential risks of a keratin straightening treatment:

  • Tough to maintain in the beginning:

Post the keratin straightening treatment, it will be very tough to maintain your hair that way for a few days. You can’t tie them up, you can’t wash them for about 4-5 days and swimming in pool water or salt water is a big no-no if you want the straightening to stay for longer. Another important factor to take care of is the regular masking. Once you get the keratin treatment, you need to replace masking with conditioning.

  • Cost:

Any keratin straightening treatment you get will cost you around $300 to $800, excluding the tip. Beware of this before you plan to get the treatment done. A pocket-friendly option to this would be at-home service, which would eventually fade with time and leave you with your natural hair within way less than 6 months.

Well in the end, it’s clear that getting a keratin treatment isn’t as basic as you may think, and that it can benefit you in a variety of ways, including smoother and shinier frizzy hair and modifying your appearance when you’re bored. However, the treatments are costly, and formaldehyde, which is present in many formulas, can be harmful if inhaled, so make sure you undergo the treatment in a well-ventilated environment or choose a formaldehyde-free formula.