Do Get Your Company Protected…

It is a known fact that Hong Kong is one of the central logistic and commercial hubs worldwide. This speciality of Hong Kong resulted in becoming registration of businesses and companies for trademarks, an important process so that one’s business or products remain secure. Don’t you know why? Once the registration has done successfully, then onwards, the system will provide the companies territorial protection. Hence it is advisable to go for the hong kong trademark registration service for the sake of your company’s safety. Trademarks must be registered to confirm the protection, so better get done with it.

What About the Expense For It?

Comparing to the valuable service they offer, the expense of registration is reasonable. Including all service fees and other expenses, the registration cost about HK$4500 for a single category, and about HK$2000will be added for every other additional category, such as for

  • Certificate of registration
  • Personal follow-ups
  • Submission of documents in Intellectual Property Department.

Do pay some dollars and protect your empire and the coming growth of your company and hence of yours. You are spending the money on some useful hence and hence no need to think it over, just go for it.

Let’s Open A Corporate Bank Account?

Hong Kong could be a perfect destination for start-up businesses, but the major issue is setting up a business bank account there. This is so because the local banks have put forward new requirements according to the new regulations and laws introduced by the administration organizations. A healthier financial system will be the outcome of these rules and regulations.

           If you are confused regarding the procedures to open corporate bank account in Hong Kong, then stop worrying, for there are some efficient companies that have solid links with different banks, and hence they could help you to deal with this issue with their on-time guidance and support. The company will also take care of everything by

  • Dealing with all the formalities
  • Assisting you in your appointments in banks for the same purpose
  • Help with preparing the needy documents

Choose The Best…

Choose an efficient and trustable company to help you to open corporate bank account and choose the best team only. The team will be with you throughout the procedures, and if they are a reliable team, they definitely will agree to pay back every money you have paid for their service if your application got rejected. So, do get a business account in Hong Kong and start building up your dream empire there with your smart moves, talent, and hard work.