Money represents the fruit of your labor. It means you have to trade your labor with money. Obviously, many don’t care about the source of money provided they can have and spend it. However, as far as savings or storing of money for future use is concerned, you have to consider its form and source. The Run Rebellion posts have more to stress regarding this matter. Better still, you can gather more information about money, trading, and stocks from various websites on the internet.

The Modern Two types of currencies

Currencies consist of two different types. Some questions that face many people about the money are often the same with the groceries packages such as plastic and paper. For instance, the printed type of currency is paper money. It also includes the current common coins in the same category since they also used changes for others. The physical currency is tangible, even though other currencies, like Gold, are not real money.

History of two tangible currencies

Silver and gold are among the historical types of currency that have existed for more than 5,000 years in human history. Since then, they have proven that both currencies have the highest value of any other currency. Unlike plastic and paper money, silver and gold also represent the fruit of someone’s labor. These two metals have inherent value since they are typically scarce, and it takes a huge effort to produce them. In other words, these currencies are real.

The unusual Phenomenon of inflation

Through different monetary histories, the bullion that depends on the monetary system was usually very stable. It created a condition where the general price of inflation was nearly unheard of. Except during the moments of natural war and disaster or even when the governments decided to reduce its valuable metals coins’ purity and size. Moreover, when the rates of labour remained stable after a period of time, goods’ prices declined because of technological improvement and business practices development.

Leaky value of Stores

Many reasons may influence the declining value of the US dollar. Historically speaking, between the year 1910 and 1970, the US dollar was in good standard technically. But initially, it means it could have been backed by gold, and through that, everyone could have redeemed the paper dollars. Back in 1933, President Roosevelt decided to change with the unconditional Executive Order 6102 of forbade United States citizens.

Crime Covering

Obviously, due to Government’s Consumer-Price-Inflation statistics was reconfigured severally during the 1980 centuries to 2000 politicians. The politicians were required to hide the extreme buying power today from the public. But currently, the CPI data doesn’t include energy, food, and other major commodities.  Discover more about money, silver, and Gold on The Rum Rebellion website.