The Jeanne Sauvé foundation is one among the famous foundation in Canada that serves as a place to gather the next generation youngsters and to discuss the global issues and to provide a solution. The foundation was developed in the year 1989 by the right person Jeanne Sauvé. She was the former governor of Canada and she founded this foundation as a gift to the youth present all around the world. Her main aim is to develop a permanent leadership in the form of a forum. The forum offers an opportunity for young people to gather together and to discuss the global issues of the day. The three pillars of the foundation are that includes public leadership program, networking, and the forum. The public leadership program includes building the public leadership of the next generation youngsters. As well as in the networking process to support the global problem solvers and the forum that will engage the people to solve the issues that matter. All combined together that aims to connect, gain, and power up the youngsters of Canada and all around the world to label the key challenges in the world. To know more about the foundation, you can search blake goldring toronto through online.

About the public leadership program

The public leadership program is conducted to get a response from the youngsters to face the global challenges in effective ways that include courage, creative, and connected. This is helpful for youngsters to meet the challenges by collaborating and communicating across the tradition and the cultural disciplines. The foundation fixes a goal to develop the next generation with more knowledge, skill, and a different tool that are necessary to solve the global challenges in a different way. The program always gathers a group of young people from Canada and also around the world to work together to face the global challenges. It provides more positive changes in them and they are asked to work across countries, culture, sectors, and disciplines that include

  • Inviting: The young leaders are invited to this program that has the age between 25 to 30 years.
  • Inciting: They are allowed to discuss the global issues.
  • Investing: They are required to invest the skill in the personal and the professional programs.
  • Incubating: Their ideas are incubated and that will help the initiatives to root.

 By supporting all the issues the program will initiate the youngsters to understand the issues and to bring out their leadership skills to bring the effective changes on the issues that occur in the global world. The foundation is managed by the board of directors that includes chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, president, and much more. The foundation aims to conduct the activities every two years that focuses on the global challenges. The forum was started by Sauvé because of her experience on youth and this becomes a place to gather many youngsters together to discuss the global issues and to provide a solution. To know more about this foundation search through online.