Fairtex is a martial arts equipment company that manufactures training gear for Muay Thai, kickboxing, and MMA. They have equipment for all aspects of the sport, including gloves, shin guards, hand wraps, bags, protective gear and much more! Here are the eight types of Fairtex equipment you can find at fairtex.

Sparring Gear

Shoes with no shinguards or padding. Sparring gloves are designed to minimize injury from glove-to-glove contact. Fairtex sparring gloves have either a 14 or 16-ounce padded construction on the back of the hand and fingers with additional foam padding on the knuckles and support and protection around the wrist. Fairtex sparring boxing gloves (left) feature reinforced spars and padding on the back of the hand, middle finger, and knuckles. Fairtex sparring mitts (right) have a padding of 10 ounces throughout. The left and right gloves feature removable finger covers that can be used for striking.

Training Gear

The training gear range from simple weight belts to MMA gloves. They offer a wide range of styles in sizes M/L/XL to XXL, so you can easily find your perfect training gear in one place at great prices.

Competition Gear

 Fairtex Competition gloves feature the same design and construction as their sparring gloves but with a heavier weight of 12 ounces to have maximum protection for your knuckles during competition. Fairtex offers a range of open palm mitts sold as sets or by single items (weights/protectors) to keep your hand warm during training.

Training Gloves

 Fairtex Training Gloves are designed to provide extra protection without sacrificing dexterity. They are made with their signature 10-ounce foam padding, durable leather palm and wrist construction, 4-ounce leather backhand and high-density foams on the backhand and fingers.

Protective Gear

Fairtex protective gear includes shin guards, elbow pads and much more. They make their gear with internal support and top-grain leather for optimal comfort and protection for the wearer.

Hand Wraps

Fairtex hand wraps are made with 100% cotton, so you can have that extra support when wrapping your hands. They’re designed to be used with sparring gloves to help protect your wrist, knuckles, and fingers. Fairtex hand wraps (left) have 10 ounces of padding, while the suitable wrap has additional padding on the backhand and a Velcro closure to give a comfortable fit each time.

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Fairtex boxing gloves are made from top-grade cowhide leather, calfskin suede or synthetic leather for added durability. The gloves are designed for training and competition to have an excellent gloves.

Jump Ropes

Fairtex Jump ropes are made from high-quality cotton rope with an inner plastic cord. The handles are designed to give you additional comfort during training, and the length of the strings can be adjusted to your needs.


If you want to start training with Fairtex equipment, you can easily shop online by following their which will take you to their shopping page for equipment and apparel! You can instantly view product prices and add items directly to your cart!Visit their website https://fightgeardirect.com.au/collections/fairtex.