The cold  months in the calendar can be quite annoying or welcoming for people, depending upon which part of the globe they come from.  Winter is the official holiday season for many people around the globe. However if you belong to the southern hemisphere, extreme weather conditions can make things really difficult.

If you wish to keep your house clean and reduce on your cleaning efforts after a recent party, you can try using a coir mat on the hallway.

Coir is a kind of harsh fibre which is obtained from coconut shells. The fibre has a rough and spiky texture, which makes them a great substance for outdoor use. Coir can sustain a lot of tough weather conditions and lasts for a long period of time, which is a big reason behind why people use them on porches or doorways.

One big advantage of using coir lies in the fact that they require very less maintenance.   Given their natural properties coir mats are considered as excellent bug repellents. So if you have a problem of bugs irrespective of the season, you can use a coir carpet and then layer it up with a cotton or woollen carpet for a smoother feeling.

Coir has its own rustic style which is quite unique. Irrespective of how much you dye them the rustic feel is always there. You can use this rustic texture to your advantage. It blends beautifully with an artistic design, painting or a simple brick wall. In case you are looking for noise cancellation properties, then is no alternative to coir. Of course you can use noise cancellation glass, but that would be too expensive when compared to Floorspace coir mats.

Like all natural things, coir too, has got its own share of faults and shortcomings. One obvious short coming of using coir lies in the fact that coir has a rough texture, which is quite harsh on the naked skin. If you have babies or pets in the house, using coir carpet can be very cruel on their tender skin. Secondly coir does not react to sunlight favourably. While it has no problem with water, coir mats can get easily discoloured when exposed to sunlight for a long period of time.

However if you are looking for a perfect doormat, there is hardly any alternative to coir. At Floorspace, we design various different types of coir mats, each of which is unique in its appeal and design. Each design is different from the other in terms of its appeal.  We provide custom mats to all our customers across Australia. If you have a big doorway, then standard doormats won’t serve your purpose. In that case, you can always order a larger custom made coir mat from Floorspace to suit your needs.