Life is already beautiful but then you are capable of       making it even more beautiful and interesting with your cute little ideas. Yes, all takes for you to do so is to be a little creative. In general, all the human beings are gifted with their own share of creativity. But then, it is up to you identify and then bring out your own creative self. You will not believe it if someone states that creativity will present you with a much happier life. On the contrary, you will understand it only when you have a self experience of the same. To say, a little creativity from your part is enough to make life quite colorful  and the planet of earth a beautiful place to live up on at large, To quote an apt example in this particular case, the little decorations that you make in your living space is very much capable of inflicting you with a good mood. And of course, decorating or beautifying is a part of creativity. Speaking of decorating, it does not mean that you have to spend so much of money on the same. Yes, a washi tape would do if you have real interest in giving a fresh look to things.

Where and how are washi tapes used?

The washi tapes and nothing but the modern designer tapes that could possibly be used at different junctures based on the taste and preference of people at large. Here are a few of the many ways in which a washi tape may probably be used. You are most welcome to derive your creative ideas from here. Go on with these brilliant ideas now.

  • Decorate your window panes- You can stick the designer tapes on to your window panes and bars. With this, you can make an ordinary window look attractive for the visitors.
  • Make your mobile phones colorful- It is a comparatively good idea for you stick these washi takes on to the front and back panels of your phones. These tapes could be pasted in different sizes and in different angles as per your interest.
  • Design your key pads- If you want to make the key pads of your laptops and personal computers to look remarkable, you can inflict different designs on to them with the help of the washi tapes.
  • Transform your books- If you do not like the cover design of your notebooks, you can alter the appearance of the same completely by way of using designer tapes. You can also paste these tapes on to the spines of your books so that they will look mind-blowing when you arrange them up on a rack.
  • Create colorful lights- You can impart a multi- color light effect to your room by way of decorating the inside of your bedroom lamp with colorful washi tapes.
  • Impart colors to glass articles- Many glass articles like cups, tumblers and bowls are being put to use these days. You can impart colors to these plain objects with the help of the designer tapes.