Survival is accomplished only when people are able to live in complete harmony and brotherhood, but this is something really hard to achieve because of the hindrance created by the numerous social evils. One of the greatest social evils of the day is discord that is created by the difference among various classes of the society.

The economy is the primary culprit behind this; it is only because the financial conditions of people greatly vary from class to class that there arises class consciousness and the need to demean other classes of people. The metropolises present on the globe are the perfect example of economic imbalance and that is what makes the presence of city planning an inevitable thing.

The root objective of city planning is to bring order and decorum within the society. This is the tool with which the care of the people can be taken directly by a community. The government and the architects work in collaboration that a particular area is able to accommodate the number of people estimated to live there. Lisa Dudzik has been associated with the large scale major infrastructural projects in Western Australia and hence knows the importance of city planning.

Right from the beginning of civilization the concept of city planning existed, which is why the example of the Indus Valley Civilization, is cited even to this day. The planning of any city was always done near a water body which made agriculture and the means of living easier for the people of the civilization. However, with an explosion of population and technology, cities could be built far from water bodies and still thrive. An extra pressure began to be created on the government to be able to manage an ever growing population within a place. This is what gave emergence to the city planning becoming mandatory.

This planning of the metropolis became absolutely necessary to be able to manage and maintain the infrastructure of a community. Slowly city planning became the guideline with which every community was ably taken care of, and researches began their work of finding out ways and means of achieving a better plan with each passing year. It is through one of these researches that the most recent discovery has been made.

This recent research reveals that the one other side effect of city planning is it has the ability to lower the economic inequality within a particular area. The fact that the places to earn in any community, are placed rightly so that it is accessible to one and all, is what helps in this process greatly. Only when the poor and the deprived are given the opportunity and access to ways of earning, will there be a rise in their standard of living.

This is what will consequently affect the balance in the economic condition of the particular community. With fifteen years of experience Lisa Dudzik has been handling numerous projects of magnanimous stature; experts like her truly understand the need for city planning and will be able to guide others through planning for a city rightly.