One of the best qualities of rubber floor coverings is the fact that they are extremely durable with little maintenance required. Most fluids will not stain or damage the surface, and the relatively hard material cannot be damaged due to its resilient nature. Also, rubber floor coverings are fire-resistant (will not burn). As for dirt and residues, it will lightly stay on the surface of the rubber floor, so it will be easy to remove. Rubber floor coverings are new on the market and more and more families are installing them in their homes because it is very easy to maintain them and do not require any special care. Here at our carpet repair company we highly recommend you to consider installing these floors in your homes.

Because of the quality characteristics that these floors have, rubber tiles can easily be installed in all rooms such as kitchen, bathroom, living room, playground or gym. There are some basic cleaning and maintenance steps that you need to follow in order to be disinfected, and at the same time maintained the best.

Basic cleaning

If the rubber floors are installed with a flask, you should not clean them for at least 72 hours if you want to keep the tiles in place. After three days, once the installation is complete the floor can be treated normally, with basic cleaning instructions. But before that you must wait for it to dry in order not to damage it. Once the process is completed, you can start cleaning it using products that are not dangerous for your health and for the environment. It is advisable to avoid using chemical products and try to find products that do not contain chemicals.

Maintenance of rubber flooring

The most common issue is cleaning the rubber floor from dirt and small residues that can be entered into through windows and air ducts. This is a natural phenomenon that can be reduced to a certain extent by using carpets at the entrances and exits of the room.

Unfortunately, these little thresholds can be quite abrasive. Cleaning these residues on the floor is very easy – with standard cleaning or suction. The frequency of maintenance will depend on how often the space is used as well as how it is used. The more commonly maintained, the longer it will be brilliant.

But the best solution to this problem is to use carpets that will protect the floors from the dirt and the dust. Put the carpets wherever it is necessary. Make sure you purchase quality carpets that absorb the dirt and dust and does not let it spread inside the whole place.

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