Do you know that artillery shell fireworks are banned in the United Kingdom? Luckily, for the people of the U.S. this most sought after firework is still available to the public. How much popular this item is can be understood from the fact that despite the ban in the U.K. it still remains the firework that is most inquired about. This item is the mainstay in professional fireworks displays and is meant to be used and handled by trained professionals only. Therefore, if you are contemplating to use it for consumer display, it is time that you change your mind so that you do not trespass the law. It is best left for use by trained professionals of bonafide companies only.

The reason for popularity

The firework consists of like small cannon balls that replicate the looks of artillery used in warfare.  The balls are packed in a mortar tube or shell and projected in the sky to burst with a loud noise followed by a trail of beautifully colored comet tail that provides a wonderful sight. The balls can produce assorted visual effects besides the comet tail that has been talked about. The combination of sound and light creates a compelling effect on the audience that cannot resist the temptation of asking for more. The reason for popularity of the artillery shell fireworks  perhaps lies in its ability to create such awe and attraction.

artillery shell fireworks

A risky device

Artillery shells have inherent risks attached to it that can be quite dangerous for humans who might get injured grievously even accidentally. Incidents of death from the firework are not unusual at all. These are perhaps the reason why the firework has been banned in many countries. Since the firework is intended for use in public displays, adequate caution has to be exercised in using it. Moreover, the user has to be properly trained to adopt all kinds of safety measures when using it.

The risk of the device is compounded further as some of these are supplied without safety fuse. The intention is to leave the onus of using the safety fuse on the user who can manipulate it as per requirement. This aspect highlights the reason why artillery shell fireworks should not be used by the public.

Superior to rockets

It is a proven fact that this firework is much superior to the rocket that is easily available to the public. However, even the large display rockets (3 inches and 4 inches) despite performing excellently are still unable to match the beauty and power of artillery shells. The elusive firework thus creates an aura that leaves the public longing for it.

In order to add variety to the effects of the firework, manufacturers even use neon colors that can produce the effects of lightning and thunder.  Some even emit colored balls that display festivity.  The number of artillery balls that can be packed in a shell vary according to the shape and size of the shell. There are even special bag like packing that contain a dozen artillery balls.