Investment management is a vast subject and can be quite complicated for an untrained individual. This is why there are several experts and companies in the field of investment management to help people make smart and prudent choices when it comes to the investment of their resources.

Louis Hernandez Jr – A leading name in the field of investment management services

Louis Hernandez Jr is the Founder, Managing Director, and CEO of Black Dragon in the USA. He has years of rich experience in the field of investment management and helps clients choose the best investment assets for clients. Investment managers redirect finance towards profit generation. These experts understand the individual portfolio of their clients and guide them on investor finance. The focus is to yield benefits for the investor in the future. These professionals need to operate under the legislation incorporated by the government.

nvestment Management and How It Works

Difference between investment management and wealth management

Most people believe that investment management and wealth management are one and the same. However, this is not true. Both of these fields cater to different segments. Investment management refers to the purchase of investments in a portfolio like mutual funds, bonds, securities, etc. for the accomplishment of specific goals. There is a number of services that fall under investment management, and they are a selection of stocks and assets, implementing and monitoring of these assets and analyzing financial statements. One should note that the investment is profitable when the services and fees spent on investment management are less than the returns on investment after risks.

Wealth management, on the other hand, refers to a wider segment. Investment management is just a small part of wealth management. The latter refers to the management of the wealth of an individual along with other financial services. The investment manager takes the major decision when it comes to the investment in a specific portfolio of the client.  The wealth manager creates a plan for the client. The expert here has the onus to understand the financial goals of the client in order to devise a financial strategy to attain these goals. Wealth management also involves the process of evaluating the performance and making the necessary changes to the portfolio to attain desired goals. Last but not least, investment managers have a set of products and services that they offer to their clients after evaluating their individual portfolios.

Louis Hernandez Jr states that when it comes to choosing an investment manager, one should always take past track records and reputation into consideration. One can ask for references, and in case of references cannot be obtained, one can check the online reviews of credible investment management companies and professionals in the region. A good professional will have solid experience in the field and be aware of the current market trends. Moreover, the expert will examine the investment management portfolio of the client carefully in order to provide guidance and consultation for the maximum generation of profits. They are aware of legal legislation and always act in the best interests of their clients.