Before giving you any information about the step-by-step procedure to log into your cPanel, you should know what a cPanel is. You might have seen the desktop on your computer consisting of various icons, folders, and programs that you click on to do certain tasks. The cPanel is exactly the same as that. It is a dashboard that manages and operates your hosting account. It would very difficult to manage your hosting account without a cPanel. CPanel simplifies the complex tasks and gets them done within few seconds. Because of this, the Beginners are benefitted a lot as they can manage their own hosting account, CPanel controls the backend of your account. It performs the tasks like organizing your server, managing files through the visual interface, and running or scheduling the backups for websites. It also creates email accounts that are email specific and also keep a check on the current usage statistics of your server. You can also install WordPress with just a few clicks using cPanel.

Hostgator and cPanel both are very popular web hosting brands in the market. When it comes to HostGator’s cPanel, it provides the users with lots of advantages. It does almost all your tasks on its own.

When one has to choose something that offers affordable hosting, domain and suffices all the other website requirements, HostGator is the best choice. HostGator offers some amazing services that cannot be obtained from anywhere else. Apart from the benefits of prices and domain, HostGator also offers discounts to its new customers. Hostgator 1 Cent Coupons are available for all the new-bee customers.

HostGator 1Cent Coupon Code

In order to avail of the HostGator one Cent coupon code, too should go to the official website. Choose the HostGator 1 Cent Hosting Plan. Choose the hatching plan if you feel the need to host one website. The baby plan works when you are interested in hosting more than one website. After choosing the plan, enter the name of your domain in the search bar or create one if you don’t have any. To bring the hosting plan to 1 penny, you need to choose the 1 monthly billing cycle. After that, step 3 includes the filling up of your financial and personal information.

When you buy a hosting service from Hostgator, an email will be sent to you from their end. It may contain a list of all the confidential details about your newly-created web hosting account. Along with that, in the very same email, you will also see the details regarding the cPanel webmail Login regarding your name servers.

You need to search for the following information in the given email:

  USERNAME- That will be your username for cPanel login.

  PASSWORD- That will be your password for cPanel login.

  YOUR CONTROL PANEL – It will contain the URL that will directly take to the cPanel. Bookmark the URL or open the link in the new tab.

The welcome email provides you an IP-based URL link that will enable you to access the cPanel. You cannot directly migrate to your domain, you will need to first access the cPanel and that is where you will use the URL link to reach there. If you want to know how the URL link looks so that you can select it without it wisely. Here is the example- Or

NOTE: 2083 is the port that is common for cPanel.

In case, you do lose the login credentials sent via Welcome Mail, contact Hostgator through phone or live Chat so that they can help you.

After obtaining the Welcome Email, you can access the C panel in two ways.

1.    Via direct URL


1.   Via Customer Portal

       Via Direct URL

You can create multiple links with different formats. These two options do not need a domain name to be directing to your server. They use the server address in place of the domain.

First URL format: https://ServerHostname:2083

Second URL format: https://Site-IP:2083 – This option where you have to mention the site IP address will redirect you to Server Hostname URL i.e. Link 1.

Third URL format-

The information and details of your Server Hostname and Site IP Address will be provided in the Welcome email.

Contact Hostgator HELP services through phone or Live Chat if you count not obtain your Server Hostname or IP Address.


       Via customer Portal

For Cloud and shared hosting plans, the Customer Portal gives a single sign-in option through which you can access your cPanel. Below are the steps through which you can get access to the cPanel-

1.   Open the Customer Portal page and Log in to it.

2.   Depending upon your choice, select the Shared or Cloud hosting package of your choice from the Dashboard.

3.   Select Launch Panel.

4.   You will be directed to your cPanel, opened in a new tab.

Whether you a user residing in America or an Indian, the process is the same for both countries. Once the logging-in process is done, it is advised to change your password received via Welcome mail quickly. Your cPanel credentials are very important in order to keep the operation of your website safe and sound. Do not choose an easy password. The password must be kept somewhere that is safe and secured.

When you are changing your password, make sure that you have unchecked the “Allow MySQL password change box”. If you don’t uncheck it you won’t be able to access to phpMyAdmin directly from your cPanel.

After reading this article, we hope that you can understand all the steps that you need to perform to log in to your cPanel. If you get stuck in between amidst the steps, you can contact the HostGator team for help.