PRINCE2 is an agile methodology that guides a person through the needed steps to make the project successful without caring about the organization’s type or whether it is a large scale or small scale. It is followed throughout the world by users from various wide-ranging industries and sectors. To satisfy our needed, it is made up of seven principles, processes, and themes. It was developed from an earlier existing software that was PROMPT II. The UK Government took it up as its standard for the management of all IT projects. They renamed it to PRINCE2, which meant ‘PROMPT II In CCTA Environment.’ PRINCE II consists of seven principles mentioned above, seven themes which are the business case, organization, quality, plans, risk, change and progress, and seven processes which are starting up a project, directing a project, initiating a project, controlling a stage, managing product delivery, managing stage boundaries and closing a project.

PRINCE II works on six aspects that help in decision-making processes. They are scope, timescale, risk management, quality of the product, benefits acquired, and cost management. PRINCE2 follows seven principles: nothing but a set of rules or ideas that keep the project aligned with the PRINCE2 techniques.

*Learning from experience: Every PRINCE2 project keeps a maintained log of lessons and projects that happened earlier to avoid any hurdles coming in the way of the project.

*The working of the whole project is updated at every platform to ensure that the project is still capable of fulfilling the needs of the user.

*All works and responsibilities are divided among the workers working in the project according to their capabilities. PRINCE II has four structures roles- Corporate or Program Management, project board, project manager level, and team level. Project management teams include all primary stakeholders: business, user, and supplier.

Learning virtually

*PRINCE II is developed to go with the project environment, complexity, size, time capability, and risk.

*It focuses on the product and its delivery in the required quantity.

*PRINCE II projects are controlled stage-wise, which helps in the proper functioning of the processes involved.

*PRINCE II projects have defined tolerances or aspects: scope, timescale, risk management, quality of the product, benefits acquired, and cost management.

In today’s world, almost everything can be done virtually. This also means that teaching and learning can be done practically, as well. In the recent Covid-19 pandemic times, virtual learning makes more sense than going to a classroom to learn with other classmates. By giving a try to virtual learning, we will be able to gain knowledge sitting at home only. This will be an advantage for both the teacher and the students. To be successful at this, you need to have the right facilities at home. For example, a whiteboard for the trainers to teach, proper technology, and apps so that they can share their screen to depict patterns. Since we will be sitting at home, we should have the habit of learning timely. Make notes of whatever you are learning and practice the practical work on your own by setting a proper timing for learning. Since these will be virtual lessons, you will not be able to see your teacher, but still, you should try your best to build an excellent learner-trainer relationship and a unique virtual classroom environment. Rather than sitting idle in these lockdown times, have experience and knowledge of PRINCE II at home.

Learning virtually helps in up-skilling self-employed people who have the will to learn and excel in life. If someone is searching for employment, they can learn PRINCE II and get jobs in some company or project virtually. This will help individuals to give a boost to their knowledge and skills. Virtual learning is an excellent opportunity to be a working professional and contribute to the economic problems faced in these hard times. If technology is available and you have the encouragement to learn something new, this is a great chance to grab an offer for the betterment of you and the teacher and the economy. Learning PRINCE2 benefits everyone. So it is an excellent opportunity to give it a try with all the requirements at home only. It is not quite different from classroom teaching. It is better than classroom teaching as unlike classrooms, the study materials and teacher’s notes or lessons can be seen over and over again for understanding a certain topic.