You would have known about Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), if not, then it is a procedure that is performed to save lives. So, we can tell, it is a life-saving procedure which is done when one’s heart is stop beating. CPR will increase the chance of survival when a person has got a cardiac arrest but it should be done immediately.

Emergencies can happen anywhere, it can be insider your home, workplace or any other public places too. When you have learnt to perform this technique, you can save the life of a person who is in the verge of his or her death. When all other people nearby the individual are watching the incident, you can save him or her.

This is the best reason for joining the program and learning this skill. Here are some other important reasons for joining the online CPR course and to get the certification.

online CPR course

  • Save lives – Almost 70% of the cardiac arrests are occurring at home and other places than at hospitals. The worst thing is 90% of the people who are suffering from it outside the hospital die. Therefore, performing CPR will improve the chance of survival of a person. Learning it, you will not at all feel helpless whenever this type of an emergency occurs.
  • Easy to learn – CPR is not a technical medical practice, and moreover, one does not need to be a doctor to do it. But it is a procedure, done with a set of hand movements and mouth to mouth performance. In fact, it does not need several years of training for a person to perform CPR and learning it once is more than enough.
  • Reduced risk of brain death – Brain death may happen to a person after the heart stops breathing. Once the brain is died, nothing can bring the person back to life, so performing CPR will prevent the brain from dying. So, until the emergency help arises, you can first aid the patient.
  • Gain confidence – CPR class has the ability to change you from a normal viewer to the lifesaver. It will equip you with the necessary tools and the confidence that you need to perform this technique. When you learn CPR, you can make the right decision in case of any emergency regarding cardiac arrest.

Learning CPR is so essential for all, as these days cardiac arrest is more frequent and could happen to anyone, anytime. CPR classes are so interactive and also you can learn the technique easily and rightly.  If you do not know to perform CPR, learn it, so that you can gain confidence in learning it that you can save a life and be a hero.