Are you wondering about the content marketing trends for 2022?

Content marketing is changing yet again for the new year. This isn’t new – content marketing consistently changes to keep up with the problems, needs, and behaviors of the ideal client for each industry.

Content marketers are tasked with keeping up with these changes to keep their content fresh and relevant.

So what are the new ideas for 2022? Well, some are a continuation of old ideas and some are completely new. If you are wondering what content marketing trends are coming in 2022, this short and simple guide is for you.

Voice Search

Consumers are embracing voice search, which means it’s becoming more and more popular each day. Voice search is in the context of questions, and smart marketing answers those questions with their content.

Augmented Reality

A type of innovative marketing is augmented reality. 3D models of houses, 360-degrees worlds, and visual storytelling skills will be more of a reality than it is today. Augmented reality will create a new and exciting content experience.

Video Marketing

One thing that will become even bigger in the future is video marketing. The marketing industry is already using video and seeing a great result. Video captures attention and creates a deeper connection with the customer overall.

Inclusive Marketing

There will be all types of marketing trends in 2020 and they all will have one thing in common; inclusive marketing.

An inclusive marketing plan is not about gimmicks, sales tricks, or showing diversity on your homepage. Instead, customers are looking for authentic brands that allow people from all ethnicities, religions, orientations, and more, to recognize themselves in your marketing efforts.

Content Alignment

If you want killer content that says something about your brand you must have content alignment. Much like inclusive marketing, your content must align SEO, PR content, and thought leadership. The content alignment will help you stand out in your industry and build a more authentic brand.

More Personalized Content

Another trend to watch for is more personalized content. Hyper-personalization is a data-driven marketing effort that takes a person’s needs, wants, and buyer persona into consideration. This will be done with SEO, artificial intelligence, automation, and more.

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More Audio Content

In 2022 expect to see more branded audio content engaging with customers and clients.

Podcasts and apps like Clubhouse have shown that customers are willing to engage in audio-only content. With audio, customers can listen to the content while doing something else, such as commuting, cleaning the house, working out, and more.

These Are the Content Marketing Trends of 2022

You can look forward to seeing these content marketing trends in the new year.

The first trend you should expect to see is inclusive marketing. You should also look for voice search, augmented reality, and video marketing. Content alignment, more personalized content, and more audio content, are also coming this year.

These content marketing trends will be all the rage in 2022.

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