In a world of data, the social media industry like Facebook is facing a lot of struggles in meeting their revenue targets because of the inception of big data into the industry of social networking. Big data is nothing but a lot of combined different data sets that helps the various organizations in providing the real insights for the improvement of their financial position.

Big data is generally described with the three V’s: Velocity, Variety, and Volume.  Big data is the game changer for many organizations, the social media industries that have adapted this big data has faced a rapid growth. The social media industries like auto instagram likes and Pinterest has used big data thereby developing their business model by selling their likes and pins for the users who want to expand their popularity among the social media respectively.

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What are the implications and impact of the big data strategy in organizations?

  • Velocity- In earlier days, the servers and the computer systems required some amount of time in processing their data as well as in updating their databases. But nowadays in the era of big data, everything is possible in the real time. The speed at which the data is processed is unbelievable, an enormous amount of data are transferred with the inception of data.
  • Variety- In the past, the data that were created fitted neatly into the columns and rows but nowadays the almost everything is unstructured, sometimes semi-structured and even complex structured data. These require different approaches and different techniques to store all data.
  • Volume- The volume of the data in recent times is huge and requires a very large amount of storage, but the storage cost is less due to the inception of big data, this is because it has better storage facilities and highly advanced algorithms to store.
  • Veracity- Sometimes the incorrect data that happens as a large amount of data in different volumes that are entering with high speed may cause a lot of problems for the consumers as well as the organizations. Therefore the use of big data strategy will help in focusing the correctness of the data.
  • Variability- The use of big data strategy will help you to have the proper sentimental analysis; this is because of the specialized algorithms that are designed to solve this issue.
  • Visualization- Visualization actually refers to the explanation of the data into the complex graphs. Big data strategy has made this task into an easy one.
  • Value- The value analyses is the important aspect that is carried out on the data which says how the data is turned into the information which in turn helps to improve the knowledge. This helps in making the organization into an information centric that is based on the decision making of the insights from data analyses.


    Therefore, in the case of the social networking media like Instagram and Pinterest, if you want to develop your popularity with auto instagram likes and would like to improve your business then it is efficient to use the strategy of big data.