Online fashion sites let you buy whatever you forgot to buy, or didn’t have time to, at the absolute last minute.

There was a time when fashion was considered to be the exclusive domain of the rich and famous. The well-heeled would rock the current trends straight off the world’s fashion runways, while everybody else went around in the same old trousers, tees, skirts and shoes. But when designers and fashion houses decided to tap into the ‘mass market’ they found a large audience demanding affordable fashion that was easily available.

Online fashion sites gave a big fillip to those demanding new trends, and today, shopping online for new clothes, bags, shoes, make-up, jewellery and beauty products is all the rage. The best thing is, you don’t need to step into a store to shop – if you have a last minute need for a new fashion item, you can just buy it online.

So much to buy, so little time!

Clicking on your favourite shopping app is a great diversion, especially when you have a few minutes to kill. You are left mesmerised with the sheer number of options in apparel, shoes, accessories, home furnishing, or whichever category you are browsing. You start off by telling yourself, ‘I’ll check if there’s anything new…just for five minutes!’ By the time you’re through, you’ve loaded your virtual shopping cart with tons of new stuff and it’s been over 15 minutes since you started! So what if you exceeded your own time limit – you have so much superb shopping to show for it.

It’s delivered to your doorstep in record time.

This is how it normally works when you buy new things online with the best online fashion sites: You pick your favourites, pay for them and get an estimated time of arrival. The best brands ensure timely delivery with convenient rescheduling options in case you miss the package when it arrives. The purchases are always delivered on the promised date, and any delays are informed well in advance, with a reason. So you know exactly when your purchases will be delivered to you – a big bonus when you need your purchases for an upcoming occasion.

Don’t like it? Return it.

Another great feature of online fashion sites is that they give the customer complete freedom to try on their new purchase, and return it if they don’t like it. The site gives you a size chart for the clothes or shoes you are buying, with size information on the clothes being worn by the model you see on the screen. If you still make the wrong choice, you can either exchange the item for a different size, or return it and initiate a refund. However, do read the store’s guidelines on exchanges and refunds before opting for the same.

Pay as you please.

You might be a pro at picking the best fashion online. But you may sometimes want to buy an item from a fashion site you’ve never used before. This means you are unfamiliar with the site’s security or delivery schedule. Don’t worry about it – the best sites let you pay COD (Cash On Delivery) if you are uncomfortable paying online on a new site, or if you don’t want to share your card details. For regulars, there are payment options like debit/credit card payment or net banking. If you purchase from a certain site regularly and are certain of its security protocols, you can even save your card number on the app for a faster checkout.